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Your window to the soul.

Issac - Chapter Progression

Book 1: Complete
Questions: Complete
Book 2: Complete
Nightmare's Return: Complete
Nightmare's Return Part 2: Complete
Homecoming: Complete
Canterlot: Complete
Canterlot: Day One: Complete
Reunion: Complete
X - Incomplete

So you know.

So, apparently, in another life. I was the captain of the Titanic... Sorry about that.

I write like.

Well, it seems I write like, Agatha Christie... How it worked that out is a mystery to me.

Look yourself up at https://iwl.me/

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse.

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Thanks for following me! ;D

Oh, well that's... new. I've never been followed for that before. Oh dear.

I followed you for the absolutly wonderful post on Dustchu's page. Lmao, Mmm... Fantastique.

I'm so sorry you thought following me was an okay idea. I'll try not to disappoint you too much.

I did it again...

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