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My ships, let me show you them!!!


Came to the wrong house boi! Proud American patriot with questionable morals. I don't hold any political party title but I do respect their individual views and beliefs. I'm a supporter of the LGBT/LGBTQ and I respect all religions and find them to have a nice role in history and society. I'm highly against book and flag burning and the desecration of historical and religious artifacts. So if you happen to be a radical well I got no support for you friend but I hope you the best and wish you to grow as a person.

So with that pussyfoot speech out of the way Welcome to my page baby~

I'm bit of a gamer and reader. I enjoy games, movies, comics, books, and sports.... Duh. My pm box is always open if you ever need to talk about something.

And I am indeed the one who knocks.


Bio: Perfection In Physical Form!

Gender: I'm whatever you desire baby~
Age: Tis secret
Race: I mixture of shit.
Political Party: No stop asking.
Religion: Agnostic. I believe there is a likely hood of a divine deity. I highly doubt they care if you're gay/lesbian friend.
Sexuality: Asexual
Height: Shortish but I'm pretty strong for my size.
Favourite Game: RPG and open world shit.
Favourite Movies: Anything good.
Marvel Or DC: Love em both!
Most value: The people I care for. May it be on this site or off. I do care for you if I reefer to you as a friend.

The Ships <3


Really surprised this website is still alive · 6:22am Jun 7th, 2019

You bois be troopers

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Well, if you send an invite I'll be sure to accept it whenever the hell I finally check back in.

Ah, apparently we weren’t but we did talk there briefly

I don't know. I think we are. I haven't been on Discord in months, though.

How sweet I was missed. But again I’m on discord and I think we’re friends on there if not I’ll add ya

That's okay. I just need to fill the empty slot in my collection. Also come on more, you sock whore. :heart:

K but not really on here anymore

Hai thar! How did you find me? :twistnerd:

Thank you very much for the watch!

Do you believe there are people in this world who are mentally healthy?

Same to you Soarin

Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And a happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

That’s what I thought

Thanks for the follow, though I could have sworn we already followed each other.

It’s okay. Thanks for remembering

A very late happy birthday. Afraid I misread it as November last I looked. :twilightblush:

Of course glad to join

  • Viewing 229 - 248 of 248
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