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I go all out to change my fate, just like a mercenary earning his cash

Bio because they killed the actual feature

Hello users in the land of FIMFiction.net, I'm Clubman8, otherwise known as Jonbuddy on other websites. I'm constantly on the fence about writing fanfics, as you can look to the right of this module and see for yourself just what happens when I lose inspiration or just do bad.

Otherwise, I'm an avid reader of all sorts of books, mainly adult science-fiction and YA/Adult Fiction.

Enough of my ramblings. Enjoy my page, and see you in blog and story comments!


After Five Years · 5:35am Feb 14th, 2017

I'm going to write and complete a story that I will be proud of. Which will chain react into writing more stories.

Fuck, I haven't written ANYTHING in nearly two years.

I hope anyone who is out there will follow me on this impossible journey.

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Terrible things


Hello out there, friends!

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Oh yeah lol, I forgot what I had put for the short description. Disregard.

... It's on the side of your page stories I wanna make a reality

He is. The question is how do you know about a character from a story that isn't public?

I thought Nagano was a fisherman lol

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