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You may feel like all life's doing is beating you down. You may feel as though there is nobody willing to give you a helping hand, and that nobody is willing to help you stand strong.

If you need help, we fellow bronies are willing to reach out and get you back on your feet.

All you need to do, is join this group, then make a forum thread, and explain what you feel needs explaining about your situation.

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I,m thinking of killing myself since I was a 4 year Old boy been at war with this feeling ever since then and now if we fail to stop climate change then I,m ending my life

Hi, everypony!

I have met my family on my fathers side for the first time in my life and when we was in the airport and we met I didn’t feel anything inside and was nether happy or exited, just empty. We did many things that my relatives had planed but I was not happy when doing the activity’s. The best memory was when I had a fever and had to stay home (I watched MLP the howl day). I fell like an horrible person and that I was just lazy.

This is not so sad but I wanted to post it anyway (sorry).

People are just mean; find those who accept you for who you are. I'm sure there are people out there who enjoy reading your stories.

People have been giving me hate mail about my stories saying I suck. It's hurting me and I feel like I want to hurt myself. Please help.

I've been in the same boat and of course I'm only twelve. I can't say that life isn't going to be hard, however life is worth living. Yes you go through those tough times but in the end it will be worth it. And you will find that special person some day and when you look back on today you will find that it's all worth it. Once you meet the right person you will find that waiting only made the time you spend together more worth it. I know it's hard but you CAN make it though,

I've been suicidal for over a year now. I've never made any attempts at it, nor have I harmed myself, but the temptation to drive under a truck or jump out of a seventh-storey window is so strong that it scares me. If I didn't know what it'd do to my parents, I'd already be dead, and no one that I've spoken to about my situation seems to understand how serious I am when I say that. It's not an exaggeration.

I haven't been formally diagnosed with a mental health problem, but I have seen multiple counsellors and we've agreed that it's not depression. All signs seem to point towards social anxiety, but again, I've never been diagnosed. The best way that I can describe my situation is that it's the feeling you get when your best friend talks to you in a different tone of voice than normal and you think they're upset or angry at you, but on steroids. If someone doesn't lose their shit at a joke I make or if I'm at a party and no one's talking to me, I instantly jump to the conclusion that no one likes me and that they merely tolerate my presence. This happens even with people who I can confidently say are my friends, but at the back of my mind there's a little voice that says "no they're not."

I also overthink things. I've asked out less than half a dozen girls in my whole 18 years, and got turned down all but once, mainly because we were both drunk, she left without giving a straight answer and the whole idea fizzled and died. The problem is that I think back to those occasions and chastise myself, telling myself what I could have, would have and should have done differently because of course they'd go out with me if I had. I know they wouldn't. I know they wouldn't and yet I constantly make myself feel like a clumsy fuck for no reason. Another problem is that I've latched onto this site so fiercely to try to fill the romantic void in my life that I've become a hopeless romantic and give myself delusions of grandeur about how love works. It's in all the stories. If you crush on someone for long enough, then when you ask them out they'll say yes, right? Wrong. I crushed on a girl for four fucking years, a period long enough for me to say that I was without a doubt in love with her, and when I finally worked up the courage to ask her out just before the formal (Australia's version of the Prom), I got turned down. I nearly cried. Remember how I said I tell myself I could have done better when asking out a girl? This one is by far the worst. It still hurts.

I'm just tired. I'm tired of latching onto every mistake I make (and inventing mistakes where there were none) and holding them over my own head for years on end. I'm tired of feeling depressed if I'm not at the centre of attention (a fact which disgusts me and, when taking it into account, makes me even more suicidal). I'm tired of being alone in the world, but being too much of a shit-scared cunt to do anything about it. I'm tired of fantasising about a perfect world where I have nothing to stop me from killing myself.

I'm tired, and I'm scared, because I don't know how much longer I'll be able to stop myself before I actually try something serious.

410673 Don't think those thoughts, I used to. I never made an attempt, but had I thought, I would know that I made a terrible mistake. 9 years ago, I hated life, I hated people. Everybody was a dick, and a bully. I talked about suicide. A lot. But one day it occurred to me, it was just a little part of my life, it would all be over soon. Just had to bide my time till middle school. A couple weeks before graduation, the bullying ended, people were nicer. And I was happy.
My point is, despite how the world feels and acts, its not worth it. Things get better, they always do. It may seem like your not ready to be an adult, but trust me, you are. You now have the whole world ahead of you, you have opportunities that aren't available to teenagers and children. You could travel the world, see the sights, you could become a CEO of some big shot company. Hell, you might even be a governor one day. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Killing yourself will be a serious mistake, one you can't remedy, one you can't fix. Don't try it, just take a deep breathe and think positive. Remember that people care about you and love you. Like I said, everything gets better, just wait and see.:scootangel:

Nah ill just kms instead. Im legit not even ready to he an adult

410615 Don't think that, most, if not the whole thing, of what you said really is not true. This society greatly values men and women alike, neither gender is better than the other, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Second, don't weigh yourself down because you were born a woman. I like to believe god has a plan for all of us, he determines what we are and what we become, if you don't believe in god, then that's fine. Buts its from my view, if you were born a woman, then god has a plan, he always has a plan. Third, many bosses suck. I should know. And let me tell you, many bosses don't hire woman (or a guy in my case) for their looks, but rather experience. If you look good and have, like lets say a masters in.... Economics or something, and the other candidate is a meth head, then he is most likely going to hire you, not for your body, but for your experience in economics. And if a boss is being a perv, report him to someone higher in the chain of command or something, or simply quit. Its what I would've done.

Don't let this world get you down, there are negative things and negative people. But you define who you are, you define how you feel about yourself. And if you wake up everyday, and take a deep breath, and say "I'm happy with my life." Then you will truly be happy. Ik, I use to be a real piece of shit to others, and I suffered from suicidal thoughts and depression, but every day I say those words and I feel great for the rest of the day. Nobody can get me down, no one can tell me I suck because of my gender, or because how I look, rather I give them the finger and walk off. If a man is being sexist, tell him to go fuck himself, if a boss is being a perv, report him to someone higher in the food chain.


Its hard being a girl in a society that hates women. We get paid less and are only hired for our bodies. Sometimes i think its not worth it anymore

While I'm not suicidal, I am stuck in a road of depression right now. And I could possibly use some people, er somepony to talk to. I joined the group just in case I ever became suicidal.

Why not suicidal yet
their are some times in my life when I feel depressed and feel like it, I just don't want it to come to that

I can help. I hope I can, at least. Please let me try, even if I don't know what your going through, because you have your own experience, and no one knows what its like. I can't change what you feel, but I will try change why. :fluttershysad:

Hello just joined and would like to say I've almost killed my self 5 times and only didn't because I cut to high so I really need some help it is only a matter of time before I try again and I really just want a friend and ally to help me though this. pleeaase :fluttercry:

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For those who may know me, you probably wouldn't expect me to be apart of this group. But whether you believe it or not, there was a time where I thought of killing myself. Something helped me to get through that dark time in my life, and I want to help others who are going through the same pain. I'll try my best to help you. Just send me a pm. :twilightsmile:

So, I used to have depression to the point of near-suicide. If anyone wants some advice, feel free to message me, I'm often hovering around. Just remember, I won't give you sympathy, sometimes I'm kinda cold, but I will offer advice, even if it's not said in the friendliest way. Be sure to remember that, while I may seem like some dickwad blabbing on, I will be trying to help you as best I can. Damn, I ramble, don't I?

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I upload a story. I figure it'll be pretty good. Four hours and about fifty hateful comments later, I revoke the submission on my story, and here I am, listening to some Sarah MacLachan, and thinking "what is my life?" Please help.

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