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Just your average brony from Michigan. My name's Edward, and Celestia is best pony. Feel free to shoot me a PM, or add me on Skype. Praise the sun \o/

"Will you ever make the sequel to ______ ?"
Yes eventually. Please stop asking

"Why don't you use the author's notes box?"
Because it's ugly

"Can you write something about my OC?"
Sorry, that's not really something I do

"Y U TAKE S0 L0NG 2 UPDATE?!?!??!!!!"
Writing is hard

"What's your OC's name, talent, and/or Cutie Mark?"
For the price of a life-sized Celestia plushy I'll let you in on the secret

"Why is Celestia Best Pony?"
She's just is

"Look at these, Twi!"

What happens when I'm allowed a keyboard.

The people who lovingly stalk me, and vice versa.

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Thanks, knighty


So today is my birthday · 4:03am Mar 28th, 2016

Neat I guess.

I don't plan on doing much of anything besides maybe ordering an expensive pizza from Dominos and just being a pig.
But yeah, not much going on here besides trying to get a job before our money runs out all together in June.

Wish I had more for you guys, but things have been pretty rough here.

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Fics I've helped with in one way or another, but did not collab. I recommend all of them. 5th story is only mature-visible

  • The Serenade of Silver Belles After a falling out with Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon discovers she has feelings for Sweetie Belle. by Your Antagonist 76,961 words · 14,193 views · 1,456 likes · 38 dislikes
  • A Sister's Love Flitter has always been in love with a certain pony. The only problem is it happens to be her sister. by Warvyn 10,436 words · 2,167 views · 114 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Colors of the Heart After an horrifically awful day, a young Manehattan painter somehow finds herself on the wrong end of the law. With no experience of life outside the big city and a secret she is ashamed of, she is forced to flee to a town completely foreign to her. by Azu 191,411 words · 5,531 views · 743 likes · 32 dislikes
  • Fire & Rain Sometimes it takes the darkest moments of our lives to find the brightest by Ruirik 132,604 words · 17,199 views · 1,881 likes · 47 dislikes

More stuff that didn't fit in the box above ^

  • A Hero's Homecoming A wife's unspoken words to her husband, a veteran of war. by Whiter Penmanship 1,490 words · 1,251 views · 121 likes · 2 dislikes
  • A Goddess' Sorrow Princess Luna, struggling with the loss of the one closest to her, attempts to re-integrate into society after her return from her imprisonment on the moon. All the while, she fights to cope with a growing envy and burning hatred for her sister. by Whiter Penmanship 27,250 words · 5,314 views · 502 likes · 22 dislikes

The story that inspired me to write anything in the first place. This story deserves your attention. Seriosuly, go read it now. Really, drop what you're doing and read this damn story. It's awesome.

  • The Heart of a Dragon Spike enters a relationship with Celestia when Rarity denies his love. by Razorbeam 82,567 words · 21,913 views · 1,657 likes · 47 dislikes

Completed One-Shots. When will the next one be here? Keep spamming my PM box and I'll tell you.

  • The One That Would Never Come Lyra sets out to fulfill a lifelong dream, leaving a distressed marefriend to miss her as Hearth's Warming rolls around. by Brony2893 3,552 words · 1,467 views · 104 likes · 4 dislikes
  • To Love a Goddess A Solar Stallion confesses his feelings to the princess he protects. by Brony2893 5,557 words · 20,059 views · 2,007 likes · 39 dislikes
  • To Love a Mortal Celestia's side of the 'To Love a Goddess' story. The second part of the "To Love" trilogy. by Brony2893 5,905 words · 16,537 views · 1,248 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Noblesse Oblige The changelings numbers are dwindling and many did not return home. Faced with extinction, their queen has only one option available to her. by Brony2893 5,157 words · 6,958 views · 787 likes · 14 dislikes
  • It Didn't Have To End This Way Celestia roams the remains of her sun-blasted planet. by Brony2893 1,720 words · 4,122 views · 477 likes · 13 dislikes