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UPDATES! AGAIN. · 8:05am Jan 3rd, 2013

Oh God... I've been gone for a while, I've had so much stuff to do that I've been neglecting this site. We'll on the bright site me and my friend finally got chapter three of our fic out. We hope you enjoy it, as for my fics... Oh Man. I swear I will get round to them at some point, I promise you guys!

http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=category&tracking=1&order=updated This is the collab fic I was speaking of.

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I read one of your stories, I Am Pinkamena Diane Pie and thought it was really interesting. :ajsmug:
So now I'm following you. :pinkiehappy:
I'm a little new here, but I'm working on a story too, Friendship May Be Magic, but Trust is Power. It's a little stuck on Chapter Four at the moment, :pinkiesick: but hopefully I'll get past it... :raritywink:
So, how are you? :pinkiehappy:

635375 Good thing I love grimdark <3

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the fave!


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