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lupin the vapour

Heyo, pegasister here. i also post my stuff under the same name on Fanfiction.net. i'm a submissive lifestyle girl which is why i don't capitalize "i" when refering to myself.. and that's about all...


UGH!!! · 11:37pm Aug 29th, 2015

WHY WAS i SUCH A BAD WRITER A YEAR AGO!? i keep rechecking my facts while writing this new chapter and it's just like "WHY!?" i've been constantly writing since then, and i've improved so much that it i don't even know how to compare it anymore. i just... it's physically painful to read now. i realize it isn't really that bad for someone that didn't write it, but i see every tiny little thing wrong and i'm just like "i HATE mE!!!" It's like pulling out my own teeth! Definitely gonna rewrite the

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Uh.... You still writing?

Thank you for favoriting Outsider's Game: Turning Wheel.

Thanks for the fav!

Hey, Lup! Good to hear from you again. Thanks for finding space for my stories Certain Advantages and Every Little Bit on your bookshelf. I'm glad that you are still enjoying my works!:twilightsmile:

1468974 You thanked me for that already. XD i was just organizing everything into some more specific folders. In any case, it's still one of my all time favourite Rarijack fics, so thank you for writing it.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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