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An appreciation group for the brilliant karpetshark. Someone call her up and make her feel special by telling her that this exists -- because her art is super kawaii and deserves all of the love. If you don't know who karpetshark is, go check out her blogs!

-- Twily-Daily, where you can get a cute Twilight Sparkle picture everyday!
-- Ask Twilight & Trixie
-- Green Tea and Sparkplug
-- Art Blog

So yeah. Karpetshark is awesome.

Plus she can kill people with her art, so that's proof her art is adorable and perfect.

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No doubt about it. Karpetshark is best pony...artist.

It's true, I have had numerous heart attacks from Twily Daily pictures.

Wait thats the artist who draws them like that.....YUSH :rainbowkiss:

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