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The Princess Rarity

Quirky teenage girl who writes about cartoons & has an obsession with sparkly things & cute dorks. Goes through life following by Dr. Seuss's wise words; "You have to be odd to be number one."

stuff i wanna accomplish

[x] 1 Featured Fics
[x] 5 Featured Fics
[ ] 10 Featured Fics
[x] Get featured on Equestria Daily
[x] Win a writing contest on this site -- boop.

[x] 500 Followers
[x] 600 Followers
[x] 700 Followers
[x] 800 Followers
[x] 900 Followers
[ ] IT'S OVER 1000

[ ] Go to a brony convention.
[x] Own a piece of pony merch.
[ ] Contribute my voice in a fan project.
[x] Meet a fellow brony offline.
[ ] One of my OC's become well-known.
[ ] Cosplay a character in public.
[x] Get an entourage.
[ ] Get Tara Strong's autograph.
[x] Convert a friend into being a brony.

you heard the ladies

how to read: AJ style

take a look, it's in a book!

aka the best way to die
you're welcome

the royal bio of stuff

Good morrow, ladies and gents. 'Tis I, The Princess Rarity -- also known as Reagan, the teenage author who is obsessed with way too many things and has too much time on her hands. Why do I write about technicolor horses, you might ask? My answer is: The world may never know. Anywho, if you found my profile, congratulations and pat yourself on the back. You should be considered lucky to grace your presence on the Royal profile. Feel free to stalk and explore this realm of awkward awesomeness and cuddle up with a story or two!

To be honest, though, some of them are not 100% amazitastic.

You've probably seen on my name on this site before; seeing how I'm insanely active with the forums and collaborations, even with the somewhat chaotic life I've got. I like to always keep my friends and followers in the loop and entertained. That's pretty much my main goal on here, keep everyone smiling.

Hopefully, you're doing that right now! If not, turn your frown upside down! Your Princess commands it!

I'm one of those people who are two sides of the same coin: I can be outgoing, quirky and awesome one minute and the next, I'm shy and quiet and pretty much invisible. Either way, I'm a decent person and if you wanna be friends, that's cool. Even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes, I love meeting new people.

Now, onto the typical profile junk.

ships i sail
- Rarity & Applejack
- Discord & Celestia
- Sunset Shimmer & Flash Sentry
- Twilight Sparkle & Princess Luna
- Cheese Sandwich & Pinkie Pie
- Big Macintosh & Zecora
- Shining Armor & Princess Cadence
- Aria Blaze & Sonata Dusk
- Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash
- Fancy Pants & Fleur de Lis
if you see me write a ship that's not on this list, then i'm bored or experimenting

favorite characters
- Rarity is the epitome of fabulosity. Shut up, that's totally a word.
- All of the pretty pony princesses are perfect <3
- Discord is such an asshole i wanna hug his dumb face
- The Dazzlings are bitchy dorks :3
- Sunset Shimmer is the all powerful pony waifu
- I kidnapped the secretary pony from "Rarity Takes Manehattan" and raised her as my own. Her name is Grace Manewitz and she's super cool.
- Maud has the best personality even if she doesn't say a word most of the time she's awesome okay