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The code of the alicorn is that only those lucky enough to be born that way will stay immortal -- meaning that those who ascend have the same life expectancy as any other normal pony. One wouldn't think that as a problem, but for Twilight Sparkle, she dwells on it. Falling in love with Princess Luna wasn't planned, but she's glad it happened...

...until time ticks on, and age is knocking at the door.

Entry for The Second TwiLuna contest. The prompt is "After I Love You..." and what with the Sad tag, you guys might wanna grab some tissues.

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Well, thanks for that one, jackass. I'm sitting here crying now. :fluttercry: I suppose in hindsight I really should have seen that one coming, though.

That was beautiful. Ohhh I think I got something in my eye.

Love it :pinkiegasp: it is so sad :fluttercry: but I love a good sad story and you did a great story :heart::twilightsmile:

... Twas good.

I knew that was how it was going to end.. And it still hurt so much when it did. Short, sweet, and barbed with that oh so cold and sad reality...

The 'sad' tag completely ruined all hope for Twilight magically gaining immortality.:fluttershysad: I hope there will be alternate happy ending.

Well damn. It was a very nice story. I need to quite reading Sad tag stuff..I really do

Crying so hard. Please write a follow up. Please.

I find it hard to believe that Twilight couldn't find a way to extend her life.

I can't say anything yet.

But, uh, here, have a typo:

Iā€™m exactly two thousand, ninety hundred and ninety-nine years old

So Luna's uh... eleven-thousand, ninety-nine years old?

(Props for writing out your numbers like most people should.)

That was epic to say the least. Like some people were saying, a happy alternative ending would be nice but the story was great all the same.

What is this? Why am I crying ugh whoever wrote this is horrible!
The feels oh gosh:fluttercry:
Fave thumbs up and comment. ....
This was a wonderful Twiluna

I really liked the story so far, but personally I really do think Twilight is immortal.

The feels. Oh the feels!:fluttercry:

This is like getting a great big romace hug, except it turns out to be ELECTRIC BARBED WIRE

According to Lauren Faust (whose word I take to be just as canon as the show itself), Twilight and Cadance, since they were not born alicorns, are not immortal like Luna and Celestia.

With that said, however, I agree with you; despite what Faust may have confirmed, all alicorns are and will always be immortal in my own person head-canon.

I just got hit face first by the Feel Train going full speed ahead. Structural integrity of my heart - 0%.


I don't cry easy but EVERYTIME I read this story I ALWAYS end it crying my fucking eyes out. THE FEELSHOTGUN BLOWS ME AWAY EVERYTIME.

One of only a few stories that made me really cry :fluttercry:
Excellent work

Via #20 · Jan 9th, 2015 · · · iv. ·


Solider: "There is much Tearshed..."
Solider 2: "Dont you mean bloodshed, sir?"
Solider: "No, Stars are Forever is making me shed tears, so tearshed.


Becoming an alicorn with alicorn magic would keep you alive, thier bodies change...so yeah, headcanon, all alicorns are ageless or live much longer.

This... is the first time I've cried reading a fan fiction... I'm now going back to my head cannon that Twilight is immortal cause I don't think I can handle this. :raritycry:

I guess I am a heartless soulless bastard that felt nothing while reading this story............. I need a shrink........

it looks like true alicorns just show up randomly. there is no room in this world for twilight to take the place of celestia IF she dies. I guess this must be somewhat of a relief for twilight, knowing that she and cadence will pass on, to be with their loved ones. I wonder what kind of chromosomes it takes to create an alicorn. if that were known, an alicorn could be called into existence at any time. it looks like celestia and luna are truly the last of their kind in existence. they will be the only ones left at the end. how tragic and sad... really.

5941895 it's my personal headcanon that destiny has a lot to do with if and when a pony can become an alicorn. For example, Twilight became an Alicorn at the end of s3, but she'd been Celestia's student all that time. She could have changed Twilight at any time, but she had to wait until Twilight proved herself. So in my headcanon, if somepony is destined to become an alicorn, they can become one once they've proven their worth. As far as death goes, once another pony capable of becoming an alicorn of that title (ex: Celestia is the sun, Luna is the Moon, Cadence is Love and Twilight is Friendship), the pony currently holding the title will pass on (ex: Twilight will die when another pony capable of fully understanding friendship has proven worthy of being a princess).

Of course, that's just me. My co-writer's thoughts are quite a bit different from mine :twilightsmile:


6455948 if thats the case, then wouldn't it be Luna's time as well, seeing as her daughter if fully capable and worthy of raising the moon?

6603895 My head canon has their daughter as the Princess of the Stars, not the Moon, and my co-writer believes Luna and Celestia to be truly immortal, saving her from death in both our headcanons.


6680881 Oh ok, Iwas just wondering is all. Plus its your headcanon so Icant really argue with you about it, but thanks for replying :twilightsmile:

4610345 There is this funny fact about canon: it does not matter. While I, alongside with no doubt thousands of others express my eternal gratitude to Faust for her creation, we've gotten more than "canon story" from her - we've gotten possibilities, and new ways of looking onto things. I would be first to agree that "canon" show is not perfect, and has literally tons of inconsistencies within itself, it what lies beneath what truly matters.
Thus said, all alicorns would stay immortal in my head world as well.
This notwithstanding, good work.

6680881 there is always the possibility that twilight is lunas/ celestias decendent but was hidden and then accended and had a reason to be immortal but married back into the family. therefor makein completely immortal. dun duh duuuuh

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