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Creepy_Pie. REASON: Didn't like mah Nazi symbol(s).
Chatoyance. REASON: I was a n00b and said some mean things about her based on rumour alone :/
Cyber. REASON: Doesn't like dead bebe jokes.
shadowbrony2399. REASON: Dunno...
Lucefudu. REASON: Brazil elected anti-gay guy as human affairs minister (or something), I said screw Brazil.
the_Changeling_Prince_2. REASON: Doesn't seem to like jokes.
the parasprite. REASON: Wanted to get on this list.
GhostlyReader REASON:

The lack of a proper understanding of the English language doesn't disturb me nearly as bad as your obvious trolling, use of Nazi symbols, and colossal ego.

Scourge The DJ REASON: I followed him.
Pleaseworkforonce REASON: He was bored. Not even kidding. He blocked me because he was bored.


So long, and thanks for all the fics. · 10:13pm Jun 19th, 2013

Eeyup, I'm going. Why? Because my grades have gone down because of this site. I got 38% in a maths exam.
So I am leaving here, leaving the internet until I get my life back on track.
I will not be on Skype, I will not be on Steam.
I will not be back for a long time. Well, I... might... log in every now and then, but I really shouldn't.
Have a good life everyone,


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I am so sorry for your loss.
Words could never express just how sad it is to lose a family member,
let alone a child.

5 years today, wishing you were here, much love, Mum :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

My most sincere condolences, ma'am.

Happy 22nd birthday, missing you more than anyone can imagine, love Mum :heart:🌈


Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Matt! I was thinking of you again today when I thought I would google your gamer tag, which led me here and, wow. I have spent the past few hours reading everything, posts you wrote, comments you made and all of the wonderful people on here supporting each other. I know it's been four years now but the pain is still so raw. It seems only yesterday that we were singing 'you spin me round' down the hallways of school at the top of our lungs, or the lunches we used to spend, us four musketeers, wrestling on the oval and talking about our futures, futures that will now never happen.

Shit, I'm crying already.

When I found out, worse still, school that Monday, so many emotions enveloped me. But the one that still stays with me and cuts me deeper than any knife is the guilt. Why didn't you tell me you were feeling like this? Could I have said something? Could I have stopped you? What sort of friend doesn't even know that his best mate thinks that his only option is to leave this world for good? These questions will be with me until I die.

I know you only came to school in year 9 but those few short years bring back so many memories. Like when we're at the Monarto zoo camp out and you brought 2 boiled eggs to eat and nothing else. That time you couldn't stop laughing in class, the music that you used to make that you new I never liked but made me listen to it anyway, that time I rearranged all of your 10,000 desktop icons and you got sooo mad, the countless hours of mine craft online together, our music class of four people and teaching me play chicken feed on the piano. Of course the my little pony stuff you used to talk about but knew I wasn't into, but tell me about anyway. Well I can say, after reading all of these lovely people's comments I will never say a bad word about brony's again!

Well I don't know if you remember Matt, but one day in early October in 2012 I told you on the oval that I had just met the most beautiful girl in the world. I told you to remember this moment, remember what I was telling you. I had hoped, one day, that at our wedding you would have given your best man speech and reminded me about what I told you. Well I've got good news buddy, I popped the question to her and we're getting married next April, and of course there will be a spare chair at the table if you want to come!

I don't really know why I'm writing this, but after years of bottling it up it feels good to talk about you. You're not that weird kid that killed himself all those years ago, you were funny, smart, talented, brave but most importantly, you were my best friend. I love you man, and I always will. I wrote a poem about you (well actually I've written quite a few about you but this is my favourite), I hope you like it:

Throw all ropes to the wind
Let your sails unfurl
In the breeze of eternity.
Let the waters guide you
To the place beyond
Where the grey doors of this world
Are opened.
Gold and green shines through
Showing you,
For the first time,

I love and miss you mate, and I always will.

Michael xx

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