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Creepy_Pie. REASON: Didn't like mah Nazi symbol(s).
Chatoyance. REASON: I was a n00b and said some mean things about her based on rumour alone :/
Cyber. REASON: Doesn't like dead bebe jokes.
shadowbrony2399. REASON: Dunno...
Lucefudu. REASON: Brazil elected anti-gay guy as human affairs minister (or something), I said screw Brazil.
the_Changeling_Prince_2. REASON: Doesn't seem to like jokes.
the parasprite. REASON: Wanted to get on this list.
GhostlyReader REASON:

The lack of a proper understanding of the English language doesn't disturb me nearly as bad as your obvious trolling, use of Nazi symbols, and colossal ego.

Scourge The DJ REASON: I followed him.
Pleaseworkforonce REASON: He was bored. Not even kidding. He blocked me because he was bored.


So long, and thanks for all the fics. · 10:13pm Jun 19th, 2013

Eeyup, I'm going. Why? Because my grades have gone down because of this site. I got 38% in a maths exam.
So I am leaving here, leaving the internet until I get my life back on track.
I will not be on Skype, I will not be on Steam.
I will not be back for a long time. Well, I... might... log in every now and then, but I really shouldn't.
Have a good life everyone,


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Oh, and happy birthday.

It's been a long time. I didn't think looking at this page again would hurt so much. I miss you, man. I know we weren't as close as you and portal but I still think about you. I miss you.

Miss you, 8 years, seems just like a few weeks, maybe because I see your pictures every day. Love Mum 💕🌈🎈🦄

Last night, I dreamed that you came back. I was confused, but happy, and then I woke up. I didn't think it'd hit me so hard when I looked at this page again. It's been nearly 8 years, but I still remember. I want my friend back, but that's physically impossible, isn't it.

If there's a way, I'll find it.

Happy birthday, 25 today, I remember it just like yesterday, so perfect:heart:

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