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Creepy_Pie. REASON: Didn't like mah Nazi symbol(s).
Chatoyance. REASON: I was a n00b and said some mean things about her based on rumour alone :/
Cyber. REASON: Doesn't like dead bebe jokes.
shadowbrony2399. REASON: Dunno...
Lucefudu. REASON: Brazil elected anti-gay guy as human affairs minister (or something), I said screw Brazil.
the_Changeling_Prince_2. REASON: Doesn't seem to like jokes.
the parasprite. REASON: Wanted to get on this list.
GhostlyReader REASON:

The lack of a proper understanding of the English language doesn't disturb me nearly as bad as your obvious trolling, use of Nazi symbols, and colossal ego.

Scourge The DJ REASON: I followed him.
Pleaseworkforonce REASON: He was bored. Not even kidding. He blocked me because he was bored.


So long, and thanks for all the fics. · 10:13pm Jun 19th, 2013

Eeyup, I'm going. Why? Because my grades have gone down because of this site. I got 38% in a maths exam.
So I am leaving here, leaving the internet until I get my life back on track.
I will not be on Skype, I will not be on Steam.
I will not be back for a long time. Well, I... might... log in every now and then, but I really shouldn't.
Have a good life everyone,


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Today it is my birthday, - wishing you were here, eating my cake, laughing together, like the family we once were :heart:

I miss you, buddy.

I appreciate your sentiments and yes I was in the wrong. This issue was resolved years ago however.

I know my reply arrives years late, but you should have checked her profile and have thought about who she could be before directly assuming she was trolling. The only thing she was doing was telling people about her son.

I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I just say you should have known.

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