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This group is for Ponymon fans, and the stories that they've made. So, welcome!
Only EVERYONE rated stories are accepted, so, keep it clean, pony folk.
Story MUST have to have somthing to do with Pokemon & My Little Pony TOGETHER.

So, enjoy yourselfs!

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Comment posted by TheAlienBrony22 deleted Aug 11th, 2022

I just wanted to pop in and ask in complete seriousness

Has anyone considered bringing Calyrex to Equestria?

Hiya. I don't understand this game, but I noticed I was a Starter in it?

You had all better keep Pinks safe if you choose her.

Jokes aside, lol, this just seemed interesting. Gonna work on playing through it soon.

I do I'm playing the full version of it as we speak.:rainbowdetermined2:

yes i meant dawn/dusk. i had about 5-6 people on board that all backed out at the last minute so i started on it by myself
if you need help with something i would love to lend a hand/hoof
honestly im not really all that great at rom hacking but i try

i was also a follower of the project and really liked where it was going before it suddenly stopped

354252 If you mean "Ponymon Dawn/Dusk 0.32", then it's kind of iffy. I'm one of the long time followers of Dawn/Dusk (and hold the most edits on their wiki), and know that someone is trying to dig it back out of its grave. I'm doing my best to help him out too, so I'm hoping that our work will get it back on its hooves.

So, i was digging around my old CPU when i found my copy of ponymon 0.32 and started wondering if it has been worked on at all recently

I've recently got into game dev and was considering taking this up as a project, i am currently working on finishing what was missing of the first 151 sprites

anyone know if there is a version out there that has been added to or is this all ive got to start with?

354191 Hope you don't mind waiting a bit. I'll have to register you later.

354169 Alright. My Friend Code is 3308-5282-2777:ajsmug:

What's yours?:twilightsmile:

344727 I'm interested! You want my friend code?

hey my friend code is 3222 5836 7240 if anyone is interested please pm me

Hey guys, can look at my story, My Little Harmonia: Pokemon is Magic?

I have found my true calling of groups....Pokemon and MLP, together, I feel....I feel....some inspiration flowing o('w'o)!!!!

Oh, didn't even know I was in this group, but it will help with my school project, where I need a couple everyone rated fics, but may I sugest, I think the group would be better and more popular if you let teen fics in.

287943 The one with the deviantART logo a next to it. :pinkiehappy:

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