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Winner: Aaronierro · 6:24pm Aug 7th, 2018

Welp! Looks like Aaronierro won! So henceforth, he will be my latest Displaced.

I’ll try and find time to work on it ASAP. If any of you have any ideas for me for the story, let me know as well. I’d love to hear your guy’s input!

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Interesting choice! Personally, I have no preference. All cats are pretty in my book.

Ah. nice species of Cat :)

As for which species of Cat I like the most.... it's obviously the Calico Cat. 2 reasons why though:

1. I like how their fur coat is colorful which consists of Orange, Black, and White Fur :3

2. They are always Female, which means it can be very rare to get a Male Calico Cat :3

You mean species? A rag doll cat I think. She sadly died a while ago. But yea. The cat was mainly white with some brown fur here and there, along with the most gorgeous eyes. Always liked to purr when I gave her back a massage/pet her.

yep =3

Ah nice =3

What type of cat was it btw? :3

  • Viewing 77 - 81 of 81
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