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Dimension Tripper

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Motivational Voice's Motivational Callout · 12:02am Jun 28th, 2015

(don't be afraid to comment.:twilightsmile:)
When you feel like the only way to be accepted is to hide or be someone you aren't.

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TThe Monster
What to do with a little filly who isn't afraid of anything?
Mancin · 1000 words  ·  13  3 · 447 views

Thank you for the addition to your Library.

Thanks for the follow, but I'm curious why

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Poet's pride · 8:43pm Jun 18th, 2015

Just so you know my uncle who died at 16 in an accident and I never met him. So if anyone deserves credit its him

A Chance For Freedom

Hey , who are you?
You're not going to take me without a fight!
At first , I thought you were a prosecutor
or something , but forget it.
Hey , guess what?
I'm going to win my freedom.

You see , if you win a gladiator fight ,
or something , then you go free.
Yeah , that's it , a match.

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Inspiration Eye's Inspirational speach · 6:01pm May 31st, 2015

I have a saying that it doesn't matter about the people that try to hurt others feelings it matters about the ones who encourage others to greatness.

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