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The retired "Clarity" story guy.

A Lovely Poem.

I came to this fandom wishing

That there could be a good CanonxOC shipping.

Imagine my surprise

When Rarity and Clyde

And BRye showed me what I was missing.


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The Final Blog · 6:01pm Oct 8th, 2016

Well... I guess it's finally time to say this, but after you read this blog, you will not see anymore updates from me.

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Report BRyeMC · 828 views · Story: Amor Vincit Omnia · #Final #blog #bye #farewell #Clarity #for #life
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Comment posted by AmethystMajesty25 deleted Mar 17th, 2018

My enjoyment of writing never left. I like trying to be creative at times, even while my stories on here are finished.

Happy Holidays. :)

Well, well, well, looks like you still enjoy writing ;3 Anyways it's good to see ya again buddy

2366280 I appreciate the invitation, but I'm not really into fan fiction anymore

Care to join my new group? The support would be very helpful :pinkiesmile:

Yee has chosen to follow me?

Yee has been thanked in the name of me.

2265733 :0

Fanart for me?! Woaaaaaaah!

That's pretty awesome! Thanks for letting me know, or else I'd never would've seen this. :D

Hey BRye this guy made some fan art of Clyde that I think you would approve of. http://pyrus-leonidas.deviantart.com/art/Clyde-and-Haos-Wolfurio-626317498

2134729 lol it will be just fine and wait til you see Clyde’s partner, I think you'll like him.

2134723 No problem. :)

I just hope my non-existing knowledge of the show can still help the story. Hopefully Clyde isn't too bad at it. Haha.

Thanks for the Fav BRyeMC:raritywink:


Check it out if you want to. Its called,

The Guardian Knights: Equestrian Angels

Comment posted by Light Spark deleted Dec 19th, 2015

2077355 Sweet. It's a good game.

2077354 Glad you like it! :twilightsmile: Also just got an xbox one and Fallout 4.

2077348 Pretty fabulous! :raritystarry:

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