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Emerald Knight

Just your everyday teenager who likes metal music and ponies and works for a living and has high hopes for going no where in life


I Fix my story a bit · 10:59pm Jun 26th, 2016

So I fixed my story a bit by merging the 'Past Revealed" chapters and fixed the miss spelling in the title and am like half way done with the next chapter so hold on a little longer if you would. Thanks

Yours truly
~~~~~~~~~~~Emerald Knight

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Thanks for adding "Can Ya Fix Her?" Hope you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

2218299 We need a thumbs up emoji But still Thumbs up

Thanks so much for the follow

2000539 Sorry I have to leave right now but you might be able to message you tomorrow. Again sorry, But we need to talk more.

2000539 you never dated have you?

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