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Them's Fightin' Herds is a quadrupedal fighting game from Mane6, the team behind the cancelled Fighting is Magic, with art design and lore by Lauren Faust! Visit the magical world of Fœnum, a planet populated by hoofed animals of all shapes and sizes. Become a Key Seeker, in the tournament to decide who will save the world from the fearsome Predators who threaten to destroy Fœnum's way of life. Use your wits, strength, and magic to beat the tar out of the toughest quadrupeds on the planet!

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Minor suggestion, there should be a link to the TV tropes page as well.


I'd allow them, but Fimfiction almost certainly won't. The site rules require that stories be about MLP. :)

What about stories that are strictly TFH and don't crossover with MLP? Are those allowed here?

Added a story to your group general folder.
If that's unacceptable or if you make different folders then feel free to delete/move it.
Also hello everyone. *waves hoof*

New member, thought this was interesting.

Oleander reminds me of Sombra. I like that.

(And MLP/TFH crossovers, if anyone writes any).

This group needs folders!

One of them looks like Keldeo and one looks like Little Strongheart!

402660 I actually doubt that we're going to get one; after all, we already have the Tribute Edition. If we do, it'll probably be much later and made with (modified; they will most certainly not just work) Tribute Edition assets, so it would essentially be Tribute Edition with a tweaked balance and slightly different mechanics.

I personally plan on trying to mod this (entirely to prove Mane6 wrong, actually), but I don't think I'll go that route as I honestly don't see the point.

402660 One day after the game is released :rainbowwild:

Heh, and how long after this comes out will we have to wait for the 'pony mod' of it to be released? :rainbowlaugh:

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