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Congrats become 4 year old (account age)

Ah, I see.

I've just been doing it for the longest since late 2020, I believe.

One of the users who got me into the fandom was The Descendant. Besides his stories, he was pretty well known for welcoming newly created accounts to the site, so I've occasionally explored the idea of doing something similar. For one reason or another, I've just felt like acting upon that impulse a lot as of late. I'm not sure how long that feeling will last, but the least I can do is make some folks feel more at home while it does.

So, what gotcha in the greeting club? :derpytongue2:

Hey! I actually need you! I'm writing a story that I need help with editing. So could you please... :pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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