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22-year old fan of MLP, Wheelchair-bound, motorsports lover (strike that, I've turned 23 today, 14th October)

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Thanks for adding A Fresh Start to your favorites!

I'm sorry to tell you this, but I deleted it, the reason being was that I had a hard time moving the plot forward. But don't you worry, I will be rewriting it.
The new plot is that the Equestria Girls meet the group of boys that turn into cenozoic era predators, but this time, they have to go to Bakula (Yes I'm having a new story with that place, the original will stay.) The reason being that they have to stop Khali and his gang of poachers from poaching prehistoric mammals, and animals nobody knows about, like the Tougarion. But of course, Khali and Tigertooth will still be rivals. Hope this didn't tick you off so much.

I just noticed, what happened to your story Cenozoic Warriors?

Thanks for the watch.

Thanks for the watch

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