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The Reason for Lack of Story Updates · 2:37pm Jul 20th, 2020

As the months have gone on, I'm sure that there are a couple thinking as to where the next chapter of Dying Embers is and why I have not done any sort of update at all this year. (Probably only about 10 people, but who is counting :pinkiecrazy:)

There are those in my Closed Discord group who are aware as to why I have not posted any updates, and it's about time I made those aware on here as to why it is the case.

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Report Bobbybrony · 2,880 views · Story: Dying Embers · #Update
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Ikr you can check the comments on his story dying embers for comformation of my claim, just scroll down to the comments on the tital page, I have literally every comment at the top, you will find it

I have received reports on his story dying embers that he is not, in fact, ok

Hey Bobbybrony are you ok?

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