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The Bronies have now infiltrated the police, prepare for love and tolerance you criminal scum!

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The Reason for Lack of Story Updates · 2:37pm Jul 20th, 2020

As the months have gone on, I'm sure that there are a couple thinking as to where the next chapter of Dying Embers is and why I have not done any sort of update at all this year. (Probably only about 10 people, but who is counting :pinkiecrazy:)

There are those in my Closed Discord group who are aware as to why I have not posted any updates, and it's about time I made those aware on here as to why it is the case.

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Hello? Ya alive? *Pokes at with stick*

You still around man? Your not dead are ya?

Hey buddy are you home rl must be a witch

That first one actually makes some sort of sense. The Houses of Parliament are there so we don't have to have what CGP Grey calls "bigger army diplomacy" in passing laws.

No offense, but don't they actually say you aren't allowed to wear bulletproof vests there?

...It is illegal to wear a suit of armour in the houses of Parliament
...It is illegal to handle a Salmon in suspicious circumstances
...It is illegal to carry a plank across the pavement in the Metropolitan Police area
And one that makes no sense... It is illegal to be drunk in a pub

:rainbowlaugh: As you can imagine, we don't really enforce these laws. They're old laws which have since never been repealed so are technically still in effect.

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