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June 6th, 1944, The Great Operation · 7:46am Jun 6th, 2016

72 years ago today, soldiers of the Western Allies embarked upon the Great Crusade to free Europe from the jackboot of Nazi Oppression. Landing on 50 miles of coast in Normandy, these brave men risked death in the face of unrelenting enemy fire to smash Hitler's Atlantic Wall. Fortress Europa (Europe) had been breached and the begging of the end of the Third Reich was set in stone. Here's to the men who took great risk to see through the largest seaborne invasion ever made in the history of

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2409141 Sometimes I wish I had the power to shape the destiny on a global scale. At the same time, I know I would be labeled as 'the greatest evil in history'; not that that would stop me...

As things are, I'm inclined to let the dice fall where they may. With low power, comes low responsibility.

2409138 sadly this is the truth i have seen. Mankind, due to his nature, will surely be the cause of his destruction in the end and not because a book says so but because he is blind, mankind wishes to fulfill a prophecy written by men in dark caves thousands of years ago

2409132 The problem arises from human nature. It's that nature that is in need of an upgrade.

We mourn not for the fallen, unevolved Homo Erectus. So too would I not weep at the fall of Homo Sapiens. There is potential for greatness in the brave new world, but I fear we lack the courage to grasp it.

2409129 Indeed. We need to resolve the problem first and then become men. Only then can we truly become something better. I have a dream that mankind will do that one day and reach for the true goal....the great vastness of space

2409126 Personally, I see the religion as a symptom, not a disease. Humans are plagued with many strifes, but I see the struggle against the bad to merely be Sisyphus work. One cannot become clean without getting out of the gutter first.

We're like children, thinking ourselves to be men. We're lacking, but don't see it because the comparison is lacking. That is where problems arise from. That is where our focus should be.

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