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The name is HKAM ! Nice to meet all of you !

Hello there !

Nice to meet all of you !

Need info on me ? Then you ca finde me here !


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  • The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover A devastating battle in the Kaiju universe transports a small group of them, heroric, villainous, and otherwise to Equestria. New bodies, new world, new society. But what happens when something even Kaiju are afraid of follows them? by Tarbtano 653,898 words · 56,261 views · 1,487 likes · 67 dislikes

The season of warmth, joy and good cheer is here. · 8:41pm Dec 23rd, 2014

I wish you all peace, joy, understanding and the best that this holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you joy that lasts throughout the year.

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Oh, I see. Thank you for your honest answer :twilightsmile:

Greetings! While I was looking for new reading material to quench my thirst for knowledge (more humor than anything else) I found one of your stories (Pony of the Forests) to be quite pleasant.

Hey there, thank you for the follow! Can I ask what brought you to click that little button? :pinkiesmile:

Hai thar! *follows back* :pinkiesmile:

Thank you for the follow. I hope my works keep capturing your interest. :twilightsmile: Here's something I do for all my followers, here's something to laugh at. :pinkiehappy: Best viewed in a new tab. :twilightsmile:

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