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It's pretty upsetting when someone who's work is viewed so highly is unable to continue producing content. Good luck with whatever you're doing now, though.


Unbelievably, yes. But I don't write anymore, just read and very occasionally post a comment. Too busy these days to really focus on the words used to describe hot pony buttsex. mmmm..... hot pony buttsex..... want....

when will we see an update of inside the princess' royal chambers?


Yes, I am alive, and no the story is not cancelled. My free time is not what it once was, I seem to have very little of it these days. Therefore, writing about ponysex takes a backseat to many other things now. Having said that, it is true that I do wish to finish this story in a proper manner. I would like to do a two chapter finale, and then just release them together. or a day apart, whatever. But it will take time, hopefully by spring I can have something done. Maybe sooner, we'll see. The fact that I'm writing this to you now, means I've been mulling over the ideas in recent days. A few comments on it in the last few weeks kinda surprised me. Sometimes I wonder how people find my old story buried amongst all the new ones.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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