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Octavia is a high-class pony. Fine alcohol is her wont, and uncouthness her intense chagrin. Such is her surprise to find herself lumbered with an insufferable oaf of a DJ pony. However, sometimes these situations work themselves into a satisfactory ultimatum all the same.

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Love the amount of detail!

ooo i cant wait for the rest of em to post :derpytongue2:


hey finally ya got it on here lol

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25443 If you need help with something just PM me.

i did ofer to host it for you in hopes to ease your stress but o well you got it on here hopefully with out to much stress.

25437>>25439 I agree, UQD is great but fics are easier to track here. Especially after long hiatus.

25437>>25439 I agree, EQD is great but fics are easier to track here. Especially after long hiatus.
:derpytongue2: I derp :derpyderp2:

25437>>25439 I agree, EQD is great but fics are easier to track here. Especially after long hiatus.
:derpytongue2: I derp :derpyderp2:

WHAT!? 4.8!? Who here did not give a 5 star rating???

Right, I remember seeing the comic-version of this a while back. Never did get around to reading the actual story though. Might as well do it here; it's pretty decent so far.

25869 Apparently only one person. I gave it a five star. But then i saw your comment. I went to see what would happen if I gave it the lowest score, ti went down 0.1 stars. Of course I put it back to five after wards. Can't wait to see the rest. :)

Allegrezza? Here? WOO!:pinkiehappy:


YES, my exact same thought. I love this fic and it's spinoff in spirit "Two's company, three's a crowd".

The Octy-Vinyl-pairing is just too awesome to be anything less than epic.

Please kind Sir CoffeeGrunt, continue updating here as frequently as on your DeviantArt-Page. I sadly forget to check it as often as I do FimFiction.

when i 11 coming out (i shit i said it!)

LOL this is really good an funny, its so good to see a story that starts off in a realistic way, and not rushing the love.

“Why’s that...Octy?”
“I’m holding the marrow knife. Don’t tempt me.”

that's was great I woke up the baby laughing at that one good work


What is it with all these Octavia/Vinyl Scatch fics lately?
Not that I'm complaining, of course. :twilightsheepish:

26207 this one is actiually kinda old ish, its up to chapter 10 in google dox form. link here.


:trollestia: now you will have to wait for 11 like me Muahahahahhahahahha

what he said ^^^^^:derpytongue2:

Very good story. I do have one question though, is marrow an actual vegetable or did you make it up? Because I keep imagining them chewing on bones.



Well, there goes my next hour or two of sleep.

Nice. I always did like this story. Hopefully the rest of the chapters come here as well.

Allegrezza is a prime example of how to write a perfect fanfic. Superb in every respect. A solid 5 stars from me, ofc :).

Dat Gazeboed reference :rainbowlaugh:

Man, I remember reading this on DA haha

The Doctor: * affronted, adjusts bowtie* Bowties are cool.

Everyone else: *deadpan* No, they're not.

Can't wait for you to sync up DA and FF.

There is only so much time you can cill with Spin-Offs like "Two's Company..."

Which is really awesome btw.

Octavia+Vinyl is the best pairing imho :raritywink::raritywink:



26024 this came befor 2 compony and 3s a crowd....

I counted two referances... Nice work getting them in! I like this story, not jumping straight into the deep end. Continue!

At that moment, somewhere in Equestria, a brown earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark sneezed.

At least she doesn't wear a Fez.

Many thanks for uploading this here! In thanks I made you a cupcake, but Pinkie Pie eated it. :(

Yay story told day by day, like in newspapers from sixties!

The pegasus of course was having none of it, at least not until the pink one planted a kiss on her cheek, causing the pegasus’ wings to burst from her back, o-o are you saying pinkie pie is a lesb? i agree with rainbow dash but its hard to picture pinkie also as one:rainbowderp:

Fucking A this, Also Octavia the whiskey drinker is now best pony :heart:

superb as always

I loved the reference to that featured meme on my little brony. Also a nice addition to your story. Any chance we get a copy of the notepad?
:pinkiehappy: :raritystarry: :pinkiesad2:

MY fanfiction is not SICK! :twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

Loved the chapter, and not the barcolt put the Idea in there head LOL good work

Far and above the average (love?) fic, do keep it up!

One of my favorite fics :pinkiehappy: . Vinyl's chill, laid-back personality makes her the perfect foil for Octavia's uptight perfectionism :yay: .

so wait.. leme get this straight in ch.1 it said that octavia wasnt in the kind of PhillySilly or whatever the club was named, in the beggining of this capter she invited vinyl to dinner like a date or to prove something. im confused.

27714 I don't think she meant for it to be a date in the romantic sense. Just a dinner together, to get to know each other.

I personally wasn't a big fan of Allegreza. I dunno, it felt kinda emphasizes poetry over plot. Not saying anything is wrong with that, just not my taste. Personally, I favored 'The Clinic.'

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