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Octavia Philharmonica is a desperate mare. Her involvement in the ill-fated "pony pokey" at the prestigious Grand Galloping Gala has left her blacklisted among the elite of Canterlot who form her clientele. Faced with the possibility of being evicted from her apartment for inability to pay rent she decides to take a temporary job at a local nightclub. Of course, she's never set hoof in a club before and has no idea what she's getting involved in . . .

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This looks entertaining. I like your writing. I only noticed one error.

Octavia watched, entrhalled,

I think you meant enthralled.

Otherwise, Seems cool. Hope this pans out. You get a preemptive thumb up.

Very intrigued. Please, moar. I require moar Octavia + Vinyl.

Like, loads more; so much in fact I might need to create some form of disease that infects people to make them write more. :pinkiesick:

Interesting! We don't often see one of this duo in a position of authority over the other, so that alone should make this an interesting change. Looking forward to more!

Awesome! I need more, please! :twilightsmile:

I like it :yay:

Bring me another:flutterrage:

Okay, you have my attention. :trixieshiftright:

Please continue.

Tavi and Vinyl are my favorites, after all. :pinkiehappy:

Yay! Another Scratchtavia that seems worth reading. :pinkiehappy:
*waits for next chapter* Let's hope the narrative gets going well.


Thanks for catching that for me. And for the kind words. :scootangel:

Actually, I appreciate everyone's kind words. :yay:

Still going good. Only found one error.

"This is the only opportunity my agent for me. "

I think you meant "This is the only opportunity my agent had for me."

Otherwise I'm enjoying this. Keep it up!

yea looks good keep it up

Damn, two chapters in one day? That's pretty awesome. And both chapters are quite good. I can't wait for the next chapter.


Nice. I've read a few VinylXOctavia but this one has a different view and feel. So I be that you continue!

Good show :moustache:
Not just another generic they met and instantly have to be bickering and hateful type fic.
It'll be fun to watch this develop:pinkiehappy:

Thats good, I like the style here. Also very well written. I'll be looking out for more:raritywink::raritywink:

Still as great as ever.:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

"...a hooffull of delis..."?!?!?!?!?!
:pinkiesick: I'll be back in a minute

740641 Deli's can often have sandwiches, and sandwich making materials, along with cold veggie and pasta salads, pickles of all varieties, and olives in brine. Additionally there may very well be tofu cold cuts, and some ponies may have a meat tooth, to borrow a term from another story. Brainpower takes protein.

Maybe they were wandering through Little Griffonia.

More, please.

Also, desperate need of DJ emoticon.

I'll join the cries of MOAR! Paced very well and flows perfectly when reading :yay:
Now get to writing :flutterrage:


I was kinda going for the idea of a deli as a place to get a sandwich, not so much a place that sells meat. :pinkiesick:
Maybe I should reword that as "sandwich shop" or something. :facehoof:

Still going good! I didn't notice anything this time. Good job!

Yes... very interesting indeed! Great work and keep it up!

I agree with Vinyl, Octavia's perfect for the work. Well done!

The chapters are shorter than I like but the story is really good. Can't wait to read more.


GAH! I didn't realize you were posting this here!! XD Got myself caught up, looking forward to the next chapter! :3

Was that a Warhammer 40,000 reference I saw? :pinkiegasp:

“And this is Cadia, my other bouncer,"

Rock on...... :pinkiehappy:


Equines are omnivores anyway, in that they eat insects.

That said, since these ponies are sentient, intelligent, and societal, it's likely that they eat meat. You think Big Mac and Applejack got so strong eating hay and apples? What the hell is IN hay and apples that would support someone who does nothing but hard manual labor? Oh wait, nothing. :V

Not to mention all the baked goods they eat. Eggs have to go into that, you know. All the cakes and cupcakes, brownies. Eggs. You think they keep chickens for fun?

"You’re my number two, my deputy."



Things are going to get a little WubWub around here

I don't get why some writers consider that Octavia would get in trouble for the "Pony Pokey" incident. All she did was take a request. It's not like she was the one who was bumping other ponies or making them dance. Why would the elite screw her over along with Pinkie, especially since she has played with those elite before? (The description says they're her clientele, meaning they have hired her before.)

I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just asking some questions, because I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Why does Octavia get in trouble for this when she played for them before? Why do some authors use this angle a lot in Octavia fanfiction? :rainbowhuh:

784104 A valid inquiry, but think of Pinkie Pie as John Wilkes Booth, and Octavia as Samuel Mudd. =P

Also, this story is awesome! =D Can't wait for more!

... The image alone has got me interested.

"that your a cellist"
But other than that, awesome.


Think of it this way: The "elites" in pony society, or really in any society for that matter, are like a super selective club or fraternity. Difficult to get into, and even if you do there's no guarantee that you'll ever really be accepted. It doesn't matter whether or not she ACTUALLY did anything wrong, all that matters is that they feel that she acted in a way that someone in their group shouldn't. Add into that the fact that most of them would cut ties with her, or anypony else for that matter, if it was necessary to save face, or even if just one of the really high "ranking" members of heir group turned their back on her. Being part of the group becomes more important than the individual members of the group. Is it right? No. But does it happen far, far too often in real life? You bet it does. As much as I may dislike that kind of an attitude, it is unfortunately highly believable.

As for the story itself, good work so far. It's an interesting take on the Vinyl / Octavia relationship and I'm excited to see where you're going to go with it. As someone else said before, longer chapters would be nice, but if this is how you make your best work then keep doing what you're doing. Better to have a shorter chapter that's really good than a longer one that leaves much to be desired.

for it,” Vinyl finished, cocking her head as if pondering the mare across from her.”

And don't forget to scratch off that second quotation~

Loving the story, by the way.

in your face That-one-guy i read it before you >.<


So you're saying the most likely explanation is that a close partner of Octavia stabbed her in the back when said partner needed to save face?

Sounds legit to me. I'll take that answer.

Wonderful story, not what i was expecting in this piece of fiction, and i love surprises, keep working and write more.

... This seems to be moving at a very rapid pace with me, not exactly a story with a smooth flow.


I was more referring to all of the people she used to perform for, in a general sense, rather than anypony specifically. She violated what they would consider "acceptable" behavior and, rather than risk being seen as "different" by their peers for not condemning her for it, they threw her to the wolves so to speak. I hesitate to label it as being the result of any one pony simply because the author hasn't implied that in the story so far, so mob mentality gets my vote instead.

Nice to see that Vinyl is a real nice gal.

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