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Things are coming along · 6:39pm March 6th

I want to apologize for the excessive wait for new chapters of my stories, but I have good news! I have been working on the next chapter of Vampire Cheerilee which has seen slow progress because I have basically had to re-read the stories that inspired my fic in order to get myself reacquainted with it after so long. Rest assured however that it is coming along and I plan on having the next chapter out this month, with more regular updates from there on. Also no spoilers yet, but I have some

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Our paths cross once more, my friend.

Thank you for the fave on Fishing in the Dark. :ajsmug:

Thanks so much for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

Good to see you again, my friend.

Thank you so much for the fave on At Their Mercy. :twilightsmile:

Our paths have crossed once again, my friend.

Thank you for the fave on Party of Two! :pinkiehappy:

You have completed the series... for now. :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for giving Hit The Showers a fave, my friend. :rainbowdetermined2:

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