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So, after finally watching Rainbow Rocks... · 2:37am Dec 30th, 2014

I really feel a strong desire for a slice of life oneshot featuring Sunset Shimmer.

I feel like there's so much potential for that character. I'd even be okay if she appeared in the main show.

She's like a Trixie but done better. But how overdone are the "lol sunset becomes good and goes back to Equestria" redemption fics? I don't know, but it sure won't hurt to have another one like that.

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I see you like the Beatles.

#1,001 follower here! :3

Only reason for follow is # 1,000

I had planned a sequel, but ended up not doing it.

I dislike the fic now.

I could have sworn i remembered a sequel to 'journey to my imagination' was this one of those 2 cancelled fics?

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