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Mesquite Trees... · 3:41pm Feb 1st, 2013

Random blog about how I've seen these mesquite saplings growing around out near where I walk, yet I have no idea what type they are...

General Description of the saplings: The are a bright green, and grow straight up to decent height before they start gaining new branches. And their thorns are rather weird as they are a orangey yellow color, and have one long thorn with two shorter downward curving thorns right beneath that thorn.

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1736562 This is a hobby I have, although it usually makes me sad looking at abandoned things. I also look for banned accounts and try to find out why they were banned, as well as seeing how far back I can go back with finding stories, groups, users, ect. (This is easier to do on this site than FFN)

I notice people just show up and comment on the page of a person who hasn't been on in 100 weeks. Well if anyone ever sees this congratulations, your officaly bored out of your mind.
Let me know if you see this, I'd be glad to hear the story of how you ended up here.

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