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Congratulations on surpassing the 10 million word count!

This group was made when people could see other peoples word count but sadly since the word count has been deactivated this group is now a memento from the past times.

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You can get a word count again in a roundabout way. Create a custom library and add all the stories you've read to it. Each library includes a word count when you view it.


290705 I thought this was for users that had reached ten million...the other story has 1634....

Different topic, since their is a military group for each alicorn, I suggest a new one with all mighty Cadance at the head. Crystal Coalition maybe? Formed between crystal ponies and those little ewes.

Your fic is nine million nine hundred eighty-nine thousand nine hundred and one words short of ten million.
So I'm not sure it belongs.

This is me shamelessly advertising my own fic! (If I was supposed to ask sorry, I'll remove it if people ask.)

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