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After Discord's first victory over the Elements of Harmony, he decides to fix the worlds new lack of his kind. He brings a new Draconequus into Equestria, even if he had to bend the rules of dimensionary travel. He brings the new knocked out being which was knocked out in their world. After turning this person into a Draconequus will he survive even after Discord is turned to stone leaving him alone with only a case and a guide book?

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Besides the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, seems okay. You should lose the center alignment in my opinion.

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't mean for it to be centered like that.

I believe the term 'look before you leap' would come into affect here. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Except for some grammar problems, this was good. I'm going to track and see where this goes.

Thanks, this ideas been in my head for awhile and I've decided to finally write it. Glad you enjoy it.

My good sir, i believe i have found the proper way to express my feelings about this story.


Already working on it. Didn't expect something like...erm that popping up when I saw I had a comment.

Funny thing is, my sister and I are working on a story with the exact same title over on Fanfiction.net. Our stories are obviously significantly different, though.

I kinda also posted it on FF.net under the same name under my username there. Sorry if I stole your title. :twilightblush:

You should learn to expect then unexpected if you expect top live up to the expectations that we expect to come from your story.
I shall rephrase: Moar

It's not stealing if neither of us knew about the other's story. You might've been the one who made your story first, even.

"He could just reach into a parallel world to grab some kind of female version of himself, but he had done that over two thousand years ago."

YES! I'm So glad someone caught that! :pinkiehappy:

You should try to get a pre-reader. There are quite a few spelling errors in this story.

Besides that I did enjoy reading it. It's something delishiously chaotic.

I would watch your face again, Angel was not named for his attitude and actions.

Hmm...interesting... meh *le track*

This won't end well, I just know it


Oh man, this poor guy

Making Discord's last name Q is perfect. :moustache:

STOP! HAMMER TIME! Not sure I like crazy agressive Pinkie, but as long as she calms down it should be fine. He meets the CMC next this will be funny.

Yes, show a pony who is obiusly uncomfertable around u a book that just might save u from a rotting dungeon

Is it my crazy imagination, or did Pinkie just pull the POW Hammer on him?:rainbowhuh:

When Pinkie pulled out that giant hammer, I suddenly got a mental image of Amy from the Sonic series with her hammer.

Glad someone saw it like that.

And then the CMC is either going to start screaming calling the attention of AJ or Big Mac to the Clubhouse, or they will go the route of Cutie Mark Crusaders Discord Catchers.... I think the first will happen...

He'll be fine. Physical contact with Rainbow Dash allows someone to withstand things that would utterly destroy other, less awesome beings. :rainbowkiss: Science says so.

Remember Kitsune, he was then crushed by Apples.

358960 Remember Jake, it is a world of logicless ponies.

Touche. But he also got a board to the...Crotch. Such painful thing to write.

359038 Bullet to the chest, spear through his right arm, and many more coming in my story... Don't even get me started on what an alicorn did to me :fluttershyouch:

At least now you can laugh at a Draconequus's pain.

359069 Eeyup. Did find it funny how he can't get a break :trixieshiftright:

Isn't that what people love about a character? How he just has the worst luck in a happy go lucky world? :pinkiecrazy:

359080 Sums up Diamond Heart. One minute he's walkin' down a dirt road, next he is preparing for a invasion.... Don't you love making the worst happen to the best?

Only my favorite past time. :rainbowlaugh:
Also...Speaking of War. Give you this little tidbit. Think of what Discord said about Turning ponies to stone in the old days. It wouldn't be true if he were...Cranky.

YES!!! I knew Pinkie was using the POW Hammer!!!

Hehe. Glad you liked that tidbit.

FRIKKIN AWESOME! This is gettin MAJORLY Epic!.......I'm gonna reread it.

And now, a word from our sponsors.

Discord: Doctor! This is Chaos!

Doctor: No...This..IS.....ALLONS-Y!!!

And now with extra Dalek Cola!
Dalek Cola! The Drink of Doctors.

Oh dear. That's quite a bit to dump on some poor ex-human at one time. I wonder if he can handle it, or if he'll screw up everything horribly?

...I'll get the popcorn. :pinkiecrazy:

A few things...

First- The image in my head of Luna in PJ's is so much D'AWWWW
Second- Mention of Doctor Whooves being the Spirit of Time is badass
Third- Trollestia strikes again :trollestia:

Over all, this chapter was full of Rainbow Dash AWESOME:rainbowdetermined2:

And a prediction for what will happen... Now that Discord is no longer the Spirit of Chaos, he can now use the Element of Chaos and come back and a LOT of shit will hit the fan.:twilightsmile:

Make sure it's Butter! Pinkie pie was seen at the popcorn stand with a bottle of something...Don't ask.

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