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Sorry for the year wait. · 5:56am Oct 18th, 2014

Yeah so real life got in the way seriously, and I've lost my mojo for my stories here on the site. As for what I've been doing for the last year, I've been working on "real" stories and at the moment am making headway on a few. I have four going right now and six short stories getting ready to be sent out to publishers.

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781657 Sorry about taking so long to reply. Thank you for the stash and as I said in my bio you get an internet cookie.

Saw your avatar and automatically started singing 'Mesozoic Mind'... Bravo good sir, you drug something from my childhood out of my head... Have a Stash. :moustache:

Thanks I try to give constructive criticism and I've done what I can to help people else where already.

Welcome about Criticism central. Make yourself useful and go troll the HiEs for a while till you're as cynical as the rest of us. (hehe)


Huh what? I noticed you commented on my story, I floated around read one of your stories and saw some of your comments that I found humorous. I then checked your blog found more humor and Fluttershy, if nothing else there are things we have in common including taste in stories. So if I watch you it's an easy click to see who you are following and I can look to see if I enjoy the stuff they write.

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