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I have some big big big news · 7:30pm May 24th, 2013

Okay guys I have some big news. The other day (two days ago, on Wednesday)I went to Jared's (he went to Jared's!!) And I got my girlfriend a beautiful diamond ring.

Well today I web down to the river walk with her (location in South Carolina outside of the state capital where you can walk along the river peacefully).

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Yo whats up brony?

Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack :raritydespair:

*Pokes* Oi, wake up and answer me ya daft bastard. :ajbemused: ....:rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: Mfw I see that I'm listed in your 'best authors' section.
You are too kind, good sir.

Solar Eclipse, I really liked your last Chapter of, In the Darkness, The Lone Blades Light the Way! I don't comment on chapters IC very often, in fact, I think that's the fourth time in my time here? However, the last two chapters warrant it.

I only wish that Watchful Eye mightn't be dead. Then again, I wish the same for his comrades that fell in the Everfree. We can only hope that they stride the silver fields of Iðavöllr and prance with Sleipnir, 'til Ragnarokkr cometh.

449073 should be ready today at around 5 my time, maybe six if I'm late

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