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Solar Eclipse


Idea I had rattling about in my brain.
I got the idea from watching some old youtube videos of mass effect, and found the conversation you can have with Sovereign interesting and worth writing about.. So i pretty much typed what he said in response to Shepard's questions, and came up with questions that the ponies would/might say that are along those of Shepard
Hope you have fun reading this one shot!

Getting a message from the Princess to check out a newfound crater in the middle of the Everfree, Twilight and her friends go out to investigate... Only to find a red and blinking hologram of a large insectoid (but metallic) like creature.

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Let me know on how I did!! I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but if I see positive feedback and such, I may make a harbinger chapter!

TOUCH MY IDEA YOU DIE:pinkiecrazy:


You missed one "w" in Twilight once up there..

But other than that... MOAR!


Magic is Eezo!


So, will harbringer beASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL

Thanks! I knew there was something i forgot to correct :rainbowkiss:


i like it i like it like andddddd i love it :pinkiehappy::heart:

Haha :rainbowlaugh:

I'm so glad everyone likes it:pinkiehappy:

507622 you know what we should do we should colab i have the ideas you know that and you have the writeing skill :twilightsmile:

I just thought of something...Husk Ponies! As well as Reaper Griffins, Dragons, Phoenixes, Buffalo, Changelings, Cockatrice, and Manticore. Imagine the destruction and horror they'd bring! It would be so cool.

543580 freakin epic, definetly going into next chapter when I decide to complete it:pinkiehappy:


So sweet. I can clearly see Fluttershy trying to talk to the indoctrinated creatures. Using her famous 'Stare' and failing miserably. God I want to write a Mass Effect and MLP: FIM crossover, but I'm not able to right now...in the future.

That was. . .curious. Always did like the part where you talk to Sovereign. And nice to know he failed miserably and everyone got buttfucked by the Reapers. How it should have been.

1098563 And then Celestia throws the Sun at the Reaper fleet in orbit. Or Luna throws the Moon at them. Whichever comes first. The End.

...Hey, if the Elements of Harmony purify or banish evil, what would happen if they harmonized a Reaper? Would it become "good" like Luna did or would it turn to stone like Discord? Or would it smash into the Moon, ala Nightmare Moon Banishment Style?

3433060 The Elements are also magic, and I'm pretty sure they have no fucks to give about whether or not their target is organic or synthetic.

The Reapers are alive (or sapient, which is pretty much the same thing), thoroughly evil and most certainly not harmonious. As far as I'm concerned, that's plenty enough for the Elements to work.

The ponies are also magic, who's to say indoctrination would even work? It's technology that uses natural emissions to corrupt the psyche of the target, not a magical mind control device. And even if it does work, it is a process that takes time, it is in no way immediate. And you know what? It also requires close proximity to a Reaper or Reaper artifact. Both of which would be so obviously foreign to Equestria that you would have to be retarded not to notice anything wrong.

It's hardly a big leap of faith to say that, yes, the princesses would probably notice the evil alien monsters lurking about before it is too late. They are not stupid or blind, and they have faced eldritch mind-raping horrors before (coughDiscordcough).

And then there's Discord. Good luck trying to kill the reality-bending chaos god-spirit-thing that will be actively raping the laws of nature and generally not giving a fuck about Reaper weaponry or shielding or technology in general, which all only work because of those laws of nature, and by all logic will not if those laws are sufficient altered. And guess what Discord's primary party trick is?

I don't doubt the Princesses would release him to play merry hell on the Reapers if they thought it was necessary, and if this happens post-redemption, Discord would willingly help the ponies fight the Reapers without any prompting.

Of course, this is all my opinion. You're free to believe whatever you want, but don't expect me to share that belief.

Edit: I do realize that unless Discord, the Princess or the Elements have enough power to neutralize the Reapers all at once or do it piecemeal fast enough that the Reapers can't decisively respond, then the cuttlefish deathbots could simply pound Equestria into a dead moonscape via long range mass driver bombardment. There's thousands of them and I doubt anything on Equestria can stop thousands of molten metal beams for any significant amount of time, or do so at all.

Well, maybe Discord could. He might just reverse the trajectory of those projectiles or turn them into diffuse light or something plain ridiculous. That dude doesn't play according to the same rules as the rest of reality.

This is in need of a SEQUAL! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

The cycle cannot be broken.

1098563 damn you beat me too it, ah well great minds think alike.:twilightsmile:

That was basically the Ilos conversation between Sovereign and Shepard but with ponies? Man, I was hoping they'd ask things and Sov would reply to them more directly. Like, the ponies say "But we have more control of magic than any other!", and Sovereign replies "Magic. What you call the most fundamental of principles, in the absence of comprehension. You hope to win, with abilities you cannot even begin to understand. Abilities we have been using as long they existed, but that you still struggle to control."

More like that yaknow? I was also sort of hoping For Harby rather than Sovereign but yeah.

This adds almost nothing to the conversation. The only things I can see that you made are the ponies going though the forest, a mention of magic from the ponies with nothing new said by Sovereign in response to the mention of magic, and the context that Shepard failed and the ponies are a part of the cycle after him. Nothing else is really there. No mentions of the princesses immortality, no new responses from Sovereign, nothing really. They left the forest and I was like oh so I guess the princesses will bring the new conversation but the story just ends there.

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