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A man wakes up only to find that, rather than lazing on his couch, hes in an ancient castle in a fictional world. And top it all off, in the body of one of the world's biggest villains.

While he plans how to spend this oddly realistic dream, using what little he knows of the show to tip things in his favor, he will soon find that not everything follows the script he knows.

Will be adding tags if need br, I like the cover art I have at the moment, may change it later.

I do hope you enjoy this little brain worm of a story!

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And top it all off, in the body of one of the world's biggest villains.

But, isn't Nightmare Moon female?

Does that somehow impact her being viewed as evil?

Well yes I understand that, but it's not a commonly used title I feel.

If it's popular enough I can change it, but I feel villain works just as well.

"Horn, hoof, black fur... An interesting direction were going in so far," he mused aloud. He turned his head to look over his back. Sprawled out on the floor was a pair of black feathery wings extending from his spine. "Oookay, so Alicorn. Little pretentious, but it's a dream." He sighed and shook his head.

Wonder how long it will take before that is proven wrong :trollestia:

"Th-the fuck did I do just now?" She whispered. One of the incapacitated creatures twitched from its position on her ear, and she bolted upright.

You put them all to sleep :moustache:

"There is no way anyone would believe them, and even if they did, I just have to wake up." Nightmare thought aloud, a habit she might just have to fix one day. "Now then, where was that tree..."

Yeah, about that whole waking up thing :trollestia:

continue please ?
and I want to see the reactions of celestia, luna, disagreement (whether he has redeemed it or not) and the top six. xDD
probably pinkie would throw a party hehehehe.

Oh don't worry, I'm tidying up the chapter while I type this!

I don't know if I'll post it today, but it's nearly done.

Well, there went Nightmares obscurity. That lasted about five minutes :pinkiehappy:

I admit I was expecting the whole not believing the children trope which ends up with the CMC going back into the everfree for proof but was pleasantly surprised that it was quickly overturned

In the following moment, ponies and dragons alike had one question: "What the buck was that?"

That would be the sound of someone miscalculating the power of magically assisted flight :moustache:

well this line would be interesting and following this line when twilight and the others, were looking for them they would find nightmares, guiding them out of the forest again or giving them a talk.
It would be interesting the reaction of the six to this and nightmare to be discovered when looking sideways when one of the cmc's points the hull.

Normally, I am not too keen on possession or TG stuff, but the writing pretty much makes for it, with the Mane 6 starting out as antagonists with some secrets about the Everfree Forest, with protagonist not inertly aware/denial that he isn't actually dreaming invite so many story potential. Looking forward to see what you will come up with next in his delusions.

If you are interesting in getting your own cover art I am open for commissions, you can look at my DA gallery in the link bellow; PM me if you are ever want to talk about this further.
Good Luck


"I think that was because the Elements were more focused on freeing Luna than destroying the Nightmare. This time, she doesn't have a host to hide behind, so she'll either be turned to stone, like Discord, or beaten once and for all." Twilight levitated her crown in place, having grown used to the weight of the artifact from repeated use.

And what, pray tell, do you think "beaten once and for all" means, cause I don't think you really understand what you're saying/suggesting might happen :ajbemused:

Just in case. After all, if Nightmare had been genuine in helping the Crusaders, then they wouldn’t be needed.

And if she knows what the elements are and see you coming at her wearing them, then it's very likely she'll just assume you're there to attacker her and go into fight or flight mode :ajbemused:

Though that seemed increasingly unlikely. She’d been asleep for quite a while now….

You'll have to go to sleep first :trollestia:

Though that seemed increasingly unlikely. She’d been asleep for quite a while now….

Something to ponder another time. Hopefully, she wouldn't wake up anytime soon.

well, about this business of waking up dear :applejackunsure:... I presume to have bad news:trollestia::facehoof:

Sigh, this just makes me want more, I really like your take on the “wakes up as Nightmare” trope. Was pleasantly surprised to see it updated just as I finished another story.

Enjoying this a lot. Can't wait for future updates! :twilightsmile:

Heh, was just re-reading your stories (on the latest Bomb chapter right now), when, suddenly update!

And the penny finally drops, no my friend you are not dreaming

"Where hast thee fled to, thou vile whorse!?"

You're the one whose causing damage and destruction Luna :ajbemused:

Twilight seemed to have realized something, and a stack of notecards flashed into resistance beside her, along with a quill, and she began organizing her questions.

Existence :moustache:

"The Last, last thing I remember would be lookin' up at the moon." A pink off waved back and forth in the air, like one would do when trying to get the teachers attention. "Uhh, Pinkie?" Nightmare called on her, wondering if this was still an interrogation or not.

Hoof :moustache:

"I hope you don't think we shall just let you go now that you've realized your mistake, you still forced me to banish my sister to the moon for one thousand years."

No you chose to do that :moustache:

"D-do you… Dost thou aim to place all the blame upon me!? " Luna shouted, sub RVC, incredulously with a pointed glare. The magic wrapped around her barrel began tightening to the point of discomfort.

Course not, you're sister and subjects were responsible too :moustache:

Twilight picked up the conversation. "We fit you with a magic suppressor, and set you up in Ponyville under a glamour and a new name, you would be closely watched by the Element Bearers, and they would seal you away the moment your lie came to light."

I'm gonna assume this is Celestia talking :trixieshiftright:

"...So It is." Celestia nodded.

I am Celestia in his scene :trollestia:

'Ah yes, all dark colors and shark teeth, now, what sh-should I make my hair colour, I know!'" She barked out increasingly loud laughs. "I'll make it th-the most bliiindingly bright shade of pink known to the Universe! It's not like anyone will ev-ev-ev~'" She completely broke down before she could finish.

This is what I was reminded of.

Ooh now we get to interact with the public!

Hopefully (s)he's not an introvert....

This is really good so far, and I can't wait to read more of it.:pinkiehappy:

I will, slogging through neccisarry blah, before I can get to the fun to write parts.

One chapter in and I'm already in love with this story

16 hours before elemental contact, that's gotta be an Academy record!

Snrk. Well, pink and black are nice, the glamour spell need not do much.
Keep going! ;)

I need more of this story in my life.

Hope this continues sometime.

So they aren't actually giving her a chance or letting her go, they're just keeping her a prisoner for the forseeable future and if she doesn't do what they want they get rid of her. That's pretty goddamn unfair. Why haven't they done the same to Luna? She's just as responsible and got blasted by the EoH, NMM just looks scary. Yeah, at first I was thinking they might be okay but now **** them.

When the chapter is done being written. :derpytongue2:

As amusing as it already is. I'd also ask you not to abondon your Friendship Bomb story. It's been a few months already since last update.

Of course?
I broke 3k on the chapter recently, which is an amazing improvement on how it was moving before.

could you post a little of what you already have as a small preview?

I really wish Luna and Celestia were watching her try to open the door, Celestia and Luna would probably either spend the next week trying to work out what her diabolical plan was or spend the entire week laughing.

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