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Mhhhh · 12:34am Dec 6th, 2016

Bloody kyboard brok cant typ no "" ... damnit! Nd kyboard first, thn story.

Did my Hiatus end? Am I returning?

I'd like to think I am.. mind you, i have no doubts this is goin to be a hard one.. so many episodes to watch to get back into the show, so many stories to reread to get back into the feeling.. and so much to do to get that feeling of writing back. But I want to try.

Thank you, those that stayed with me and waited. I will do my best to reward your patience.

Whats been going on.. well.. from job to job, from love to broken hearted, from depression to new beginnings.. ive had a rough time.. like everyone does at some point in life. I survived.. got back into life.. and hope to find my sense of wonder again, gods know i need it now.

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Sup? I was wondering how you're doing with your fanfics :). Hope to see you around sometimes soon

I just want to say; "The Reader" was one of the first stories I ever read on this site and remains one of my first loves, it was the one that convinced me that this fandom and it's authors and stories were worth sticking around for.

I fear this is the end for "The Reader: Book Two" though, 10 weeks offline following a blog post about being back doesn't bode well.

I pray I am wrong.

Don't mind me, just leaving a comment. How ya been me old mate?

The King hath returned! :pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::pinkiesad2:

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