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Celestia is tired and worn out. Luckily, a new brand of beverage has hit the Equestrian market; Iron Bull, the drink that promises new energy and revitalization... but what effect will an energy drink for minotaurs have on an alicorn?

This is purely recreational writing. It's not meant to be taken seriously or offend anyone... lean back and enjoy the ride as I let my mind wander.

Warning: Involves capslock.

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:eeyup: that escalated quickly:eeyup:

BANANAS! BANANAS EVERYWHERE!:trollestia::trollestia:

Well, you got a giggle out of me :pinkiehappy:

This is absolutely the worst story ever. Don't you take your work seriously at all? I mean come on! Where is the plot? And using capslock as a humor device? Disgraceful. If I were to write this seriously, it would never appear on FIMfiction. Urgghh... Man, it's like you just wrote whatever crap was in your head and mashed it together with a hammer. If you expect me to take this seriously, you've got another thing coming.

Good thing I read your warning and threw all my seriousness out the window (it caught the ledge and still read over my shoulder. Note the above paragraph). I loved this, gave me a good laugh and helped relieve some stress that was building up from a not so stellar morning. Keep up the good work.

P.S. In case you didn't know, the first paragraph was me being a smartass. So is this post script.
P.P.S. theliberati.net/quaequamblog/wp-content/unusual_sarcasm_notice.jpg


And this is why no one should drink energy drinks, let alone a demigoddess

3368551 Dude...its comedy. It not supposed to be serious. So, please take your bitching somewhere else.

My entire comment zoomed over your head. Look closely, young padawan, and you will see that it was entirely sarcastic comedy. If you juxtapose (That means place side-by-side and/or compare for those of you with thicker skulls) my comment and the description, you will see that I did the complete opposite of what the author said to do in the description itself. Hell, if you read the whole thing you'll see it's sarcastic.


I love you so much Gnoll.:rainbowlaugh:

Back in Ponyville, Chaos ensues in the streets, while Twilight lies prone on the floor, twitching.

God damn, hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Cuz Celly's messin' with all the rules.

I laughed way harder then I should've!:rainbowlaugh:

Since I read your warning and expected this to be hilarious, I took looooooong drinks of my delicious Pepsi so that self-preservation would stop me from laughing myself to death.

I really should have thought that through more. Now everything smells of carbonation and caffeine.

So this is what a zero dislike story looks like.

3371292 I'm actually just waiting for the obligatory random downvotes to pop up :D

3369495We get your comment, don't insult other people who don't. That's just plain rude.

3369495 if it makes you feel any better, i didn't downvote your comment.:rainbowlaugh:

It should be a mini series. X drinks Iron Bull. Next up, Luna! Eternal night at night, and new holiday where everypony takes their sword and with Princes on front storms the dragons lair... in WoW! :rainbowlaugh:

I'll just put in this warning at the end of my first comment. Maybe then people will understand. Besides, Sarcasm is the natural weapon against stupidity, and if someone is too stupid to see the sarcasm, then they deserve to have it sledgehammered into their faces. Violently.

Gnoll plus Iron Bull = ?
Feel free to let your mind wonder now. :pinkiesmile:


Why did he get... so many dislikes? He was being sarcastic. I took the time the read the comment.

I know, Right? I even added a warning. Hmm... Maybe if I put more on to it throughout the whole thing? What do you think?

You use the sarcasm like me, seems to be real. Put your warning first the next time.

It's like a step-by-step guide that recommends doing the job while reading and in the end it says "WARNING: Use gloves to prevent hands burning" ot something like that (for some reason I think I wrote that wrong. Sorry, I speak Spanish :P)

You did. 'to' is spelled T O, not O T... :rainbowwild:

Other than that though, you describe my manual for handling hazardous materials perfectly. I didn't happen to hire you for my 'TOTALLY SAFE Research Project involving Deadly Flaming Electrified Toxic Waste' now did I?



I was somewhat expecting a clopfic, thanks to the name...

1 +|-|0|_|6|-|+ +|-|1Z \|/4Z (|_0P.


Everypony i discovered the Iron Bull formula!
C17 H21 NO4
Hold up... That is just cocaine:rainbowderp:

Most of that commercial was taken from Old Spice.

I was laughing so hard I nearly cried. I love this so much.

This sounds like a very therapeutic release of stress.

On television, Iron Will reappeared on the screen, "MAYBES ARE FOR BABIES! P-P-P-POWER!" and promptly disappeared again.

I lol'd at Iron Will's preternaturally convenient advertising.

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