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Part of RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse.

Raindrops has always had a problem with her anger, and despite her strong self-control, she sometimes can't help but lose it. Unfortunately, her latest explosion has not only gotten her suspended from her job, but also ordered to attend anger management. When she finds an alternative procedure, however, she's suddenly all smiles and giggles. Can her friends figure out what's happened and bring her back to normal? And more importantly, will Raindrops even want that to begin with?

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Okay! Reading now. Sorry, I wanted to finish up the chapter of "My Choices" that was up before starting this.

Incidentally, you should read "My Choices" if you're not already doing so.

Let's see...

Soda Jerk

Is a guy who works a soda fountain actually called a jerk? Like, that's the technical term? Huh, didn't know that. The more you know...incidentally this means that I was employed as a professional jerk for about 1 month back in '07. Good times. Until Friendly's fired me rather than pay me more when minimum wage went up. Joke's on them, they're going bankrupt now!

Iron Will's the name, training ponies is my game!

Oh, look, it's Iron Will, and -

- and Iron Will just got upstaged.

Iron Will just got upstaged. Trajectory is now best pony.

After all, if Raindrops was happy, then nothing could possibly be wrong...

Tempting fate, Snails...

Anyway. As you can probably get from my mostly inane comments above, I don't see any problems with this at all! Although Raindrops' "thing" seems to have happened fast, if it was only one night...

Well, this is it. My first (?) contribution to the Lunaverse. Here's hoping you guys like it enough.


Thanks for giving it a look through.

Well, in about...whenever this story gets approved, we'll see if it can survive the rest of the group beating it to a pulp. :twilightsmile:

Incidentally, you wanted to make this Season 1, right? Any preference as to where to place it in the canon?


The original plan was to make it a Season 2 story, but that was back when it looked like it would be months before I got to it since I was going to start on Parent's Day immediately after BUB concluded. Now that that one's been pushed back until after Season 3 finishes... You can make it a Season 1 episode. Place it in any slot that'll work; I'm not picky. :twilightsmile:

now i am at a crossroad.... shall i start right now reading lunaverse and get to read awesome IAH work while understanding it, don't give a shit about lunaverse and just read it or delay lunaverse even more together with this?

I am sorry to say that I will not be reading this. The Lunaverse is... not what I like. I feel that many things were handled poorly, and as such I don't want to get involved in what I feel to be a broken, and fundamentally flawed alt universe.

Not bad. Seems almost like a Pinkie Pie personality transplant, at least at first glance. That's an awful lot of grinning and bouncing.

Hm... I'm not much of a Lunaverse reader... however, I have read this chapter... and ferl so sorry for Raindrops. I mean, how would anyone react because their lazy BOSS didn't do part of her job?

Wow so the fics finally here, I always had mixed feeling about this fic idea, for various reason, still I think having it be mostly the cloudsdale pony;s fault works quite well, but I think her rage could have had a bit more build up from happy to "attack a pony" Besides that though I really liked the scene Cloud kicker the descriptions of Raindrops, the chizled form stone line really stood out for some reason, I really liked it along with the "stoic" lines :pinkiehappy:
though I do acknowledge it could me hilarious, the idea always left me thinking of Homer Repressing his rage and a fan video of Shizuo becoming a hippy... only for it to be a lie as he lit Iziaya hair on fire. :pinkiecrazy:

“No....” Raindrops growled. Her teeth were bared like a snarling Timberwolf, ready to rip into the first pony she came across. And unfortunately for her target, she knew exactly where she would be. “No more waiting. No more cooling off. I had to work through the trip to Cayo el Bayo because I her. I got written up for letting a storm through Ponyville because of her.”

I think you meant becuase "of" her.

Ouch loved the soda line about special serving in regards to Pinkie and CO, feel bad for Trixie, "She's not that unbearable" :pinkiehappy: well usually anyway. I do wonder why she didn't go and work it off first though getting drunk always strike me as something Raindrops avoid... unless she's a happy drunk. :scootangel:

I'm surprised Fluttershy's family connection is know but this does take place late in canon so maybe it's know by this point.
Little surprised to see you using the M!6 to cause the L!cast problems, it's done well though, no one comes across as looking like a jerk or anything unreasonable.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Trajectory he's crazy but hilarious I love it him being a former Iron will pony is even better I can't stop laughing!
The entire scene was great the safe the Piano all of it.

Wow super happy Raindrops is creepy as, good writing doing it from Snail perspective, I liked her still happy hoof stomps shaking the room, I look forward to where this new madness takes us :pinkiecrazy:

Overall this was a very enjoyable chapter I imagine Raindrops chose to have either an experimental drug or some sort of spell cast on her to make her perpetually happy, or she ate hearts desire.

Regardless this was a good read overall, prepare to be liked and followed and thanks for posting! I look forward to more :scootangel:.

I like this. I like it alot.

And seriously, Rainbow Dash.....ugh. That's just horrible.

Wow! This was sort of unexpected. Didn't think you be getting around to this so soon, but the fact you are finally writing this makes me all kinds of happy. After all, one of my favorite authors is writing a story about my best L6 pony, so how could I be anything else? :pinkiehappy:

I will say I'm also a bit surprised that you maid this all so blatantly Rainbow Dash's fault. Doubly so since we know Rainbow herself has no personal qualms against taking unscheduled vacation time. Personally I'd like to think that Dash was already going to find a way to fix things; she may be an egotistical self-centered jerk (and that's just her nicer M! counterpart :scootangel:), but I've always thought that she really does appreciate Raindrops, and well, not exactly consider her a friend per say, but someone she respects and appreciates having around, even if they do occasionally but heads.

The part with Iron Will caught me a little off guard, not so much that he was hosting the anger management class (I was already expecting that), but rather that it seems to be something of a regular thing at the town hall, whereas I always assumed he was more of the traveling motivational speaker type. Also surprised me that ALL of the ponies were there by some mandate, I'd have expected that being ordered into anger therapy would be a pretty rare thing in Equestria and that it would more commonly be voluntary self-improvement. (Trajectory, However, all kinds of fun though, and I hope to see more of him, but don't know how much room this fic has for him; maybe he should be the pony you eventually write an Everypony's Day for, or at least a webisode tie-in to this episode).

Anyway, there are a few minor nits I could pick with this fic, but the only one that actually bugs me is this one line from Carrot Top...

Drops, I'm not promising anything, but you have to give it a try.

Maybe it's just my personal thing, but when writing GOtL I used 'Drops' as an annoying nickname that pretty much only Rainbow Dash addresses her by (maybe occasionally Trixie in one of her less considerate moments). This ties into my head-canon that because of her slow flight speed and poor agility (plus the apparent tendencies of her own M! counterpart), Raindrops was rather mercilessly teased as a child for being clumsy. Thus for me at least calling her Drops would be the same as addressing Dash as Rainbow Crash. That said I understand how that can make things a bit restrictive when wanting to shorten her name, though for me at least, I'd rather see the friendly nickname for her as something like Rainy.


I'm surprised Fluttershy's family connection is know but this does take place late in canon so maybe it's know by this point.

I don't think her family connections are all that well know. The line was "And anypony who knew who Fluttershy was could tell you of her family connection." It could be spelled out a bit more explicitly, but I think it's supposed to mean, "anypony who knew who Fluttershy Really was," that is who only those who know that she was born Fluttering Poesy of the Poesy family weather moguls. That would need to be a very large number of Ponies, and even Raindrops herself might only know becase Carrot Top told her.

Other than that while the Raindrops attacking Dash happens with only minimal build, I don't think that's a problem her. This isn't a story about Raindrops losig her temper (there are other fics for that), rather here it's just the setup for the real story. So I think it works that it's all dealt with in cold open, allowing us to more quickly jump into the consequences. Also, all Raindrops did was tackle Dash; I don't think she was planning to give her a beating, just a good scare while she ranted about how irresponsible a boss she is.

ah good point about Fluttershy there, didn't think of that. :twilightblush:
Not sure I agree about the Raindrops vis a visa Dash thing but I don't think it's worth debating here.

Very enjoyable read. Like the character moments and a bit of the believable nature of the whole thing. Though one does have to wonder if Raindrops whole status as a bearer of an Element and hero of the whole world wouldn't allow her a tad more leeway and ignoring of her defects...But makes sense that it doesn't I suppose considering what else we've seen the Bearers have to deal with with no fear of angering the heroes that saved the whole world. The only other minor gripe I have about this story is the bar scene. It seemed a bit empty. Would've liked to see a few of the other Elements around. If it's all over town then they likely all know so all of them trying to cheer her up a little might've been nice. Hell Trixie going along to the anger management meeting rather then Carrot Top and getting something out of it considering some of her own problems would've been pretty damn funny really.

Another little minor question, though this is regarding the L-verse as a whole rather then just your story, is with Raindrops considering this such a problem and her being rather fearful of what she might do to others why didn't she ask Princess Luna about her problems on the couple of occasions she's met? I mean she's had the opportunity right? Hell even writing to her through Trixie could've been a pretty good little bit. I don't get why the Elements in the L-verse are so hesitant to write to Luna or at least ask her advice...But again that's not your fault it's a problem I've been having with the L-verse as a whole. I know Luna as portrayed here wouldn't want to fix their problems as a whole but advice and thus learning seems to be in her character so it confuses me.

Anyway, it's wonderful to see you make a story in this universe. Yours and RDD's Luna's have always been my favorite Luna's in fic form so it's great to see the two of you kind of come together in one place in a fashion. Can't wait to see how this develops. The reactions from the other harmony barriers should be really interesting indeed. Part of me wishes you had made her a bit more of a Fluttershy then a Pinkie Pie though, but either way it seems like it'll be a fun read. Perhaps her Element should have a bit of a problem with her changed nature as well? Since she's not really acting like herself through whatever changed her isn't she then being dishonest? Regardless, can't wait to read more thanks very much for sharing!

I've never seen the word "hiney" written down before...

....and I am not a good critical thinker before breakfast.

I am interested in finding out where this goes though. You've made her sudden change into HappyDrops quite omnious.

This sudden transformation reminds me of the Transformers episode Grinding Gears, where the perpetual grouch Gears lost a component that turned out to be a literal anger unit, removing all his aggression.

Also, I now have the perfect ending to my story. Thanks Trajectory!


Another little minor question, though this is regarding the L-verse as a whole rather then just your story, is with Raindrops considering this such a problem and her being rather fearful of what she might do to others why didn't she ask Princess Luna about her problems on the couple of occasions she's met?

And what would Raindrops even expect the princess to do about something that no one has ever been able to help her with? Not sure yet what the details of this special treatment she got are going to be, but I doubt she's ever even conceived of something so radical before now, so it's not like she'd have had reason to ask the princess to do anything of the sort.

I don't mean about a specific treatment but the Princess is over a thousand years old and they know this. She likely has quite a bit of knowledge. Raindrops has been lucky enough to be in pretty direct contact with her in quite a few situations, knows her personal student, and has a problem she is embarrassed and frightened about. She's not going to you know ask the thousand year old she knows her advice? Luna isn't going to offer it to her after hearing likely reports about her Element bearers and their problems? It doesn't make sense to me.

Trajectery is awesome!:rainbowlaugh:

Otherwise, a very promising set up.

:rainbowderp: Welp, this can only end well for everyone... right? Right?

I liked the start of this story. I found Raindrops' boiling point to be pretty believable. It wasn't just bad that she didn't get the vacation time, it was compounded by the fact that she did everything she had to do to get it, and lost it because Rainbow Dash let it slip her mind. Bad timing that the supervisors were there, otherwise Rainbow might've just let things slide, or even been able to work something out with Raindrops once she calmed down.

The scenes with Iron Will were amusing and I think you got a winning gad pony with Trajectory.

Now we have a very happy bouncy Raindrops and I'm looking forward to finding out just what caused the sudden change. Write on. :twilightsmile:

It seems to me that a clever pony like Trajectory would make a bit of name for himself in the Celestiaverse as well. He could, for instance, be why a moving crew dropped things while a lavender unicorn was stalking the wild water witch.......

There's only one explanation for Raindrops's sudden attitude change.....

She got laid last night :rainbowwild:

Iron Will, you stud you :rainbowlaugh:

Or is there a more chemical explanation? :rainbowderp:

Well to start with even when you're on speaking terms with you're immortal god queen and meet her in person sometimes asking her how to deal with your anger-management problems isn't likely going to be at the top of you're list of things you're likely to think of saying, and second even though Luna is over a thousand years old she isn't likely to be an expert on everything (especially when it doesn't pertain to something very important to her), for all we know she may not have any better advice the you're average Jo when it comes to anger-management issues.

In regards to the story: A strong start; I like it. Raindrops stories are becoming quite popular in the L-verse it seem (I'm not complaining though :twilightsmile:). In addition: inexplicably ecstatic Raindrops with no clear reason to be uncharacteristically joyful? WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!?!?!?

I'm enjoying this. The set up is good, Raindrops was really well written and it was a good exploration of how her anger was actually affecting her life.

Tragectory, simply put, was awesome. :pinkiehappy:

I just really hope that Rainbow dash gets called up on her behaviour because frankly, so far she has managed to get a free pass on a lot of things. Honestly, I know Raindrops loves being a weather pony but I'm not suprised she hadn't exploded sooner.

And the scene with happy Raindrops managed to make me feel the right amount of dread about what was going to happen.

All in all, a great start.

Out of curiosity, is there a reason the District supervisors visited, or is it just a strict business meeting to discuss what ever it is District Supervisors discuss with Weather Captains? Such as a fascinating discussion of the weather?

Otherwise a good start. Especially loved the description of (properly) happy Raindrops.

Laid!Raindrops would not be quite so ...creepy. She might be constantly hovering though and...

What makes you say that the Lunaverse is fundamentaly flawed?

Raindrops smiling? Quick, build a bunker!

Yay, new Raindrops story :yay:

...:pinkiegasp: Trajectory is new best pony. I like the way his brain works, and how his gib is cut :pinkiehappy:


I just don't like it. It's what happens when you have multiple people writing the same universe. It's the same thing with MLP proper. I refer you to Over a Barrel, and The Mare Do Well.


I just feel that certain main aspects, such as Celestia, were not handled well at all, which others have stated before.

I suppose maybe Dash could use a bit of a comeuppance at some point, but as this story points out, she's got sufficient connections and competence to be largely untouchable, so any such would likely only ever be at the personal level. I also don't find it all that surprising that Raindrops generally puts up with it all; I'd wager a fair number of us have had to put up with equally bad or worse bosses at some point or another. (not me though :ajsmug:, but my long time best friend locally has more than made up for my own good fortune; having an employment track that reads as a near continuous stream of such).

It's not fair, but when your employment options are limited that's just the way thing are sometimes. More importantly though, Raindrops genuinely loves her job, and Dash isn't a totally irresponsible flake all the time. This story, is just capturing an example of a bad day because those tend to be far more interesting due to the adversely conflict it creates between the pair.

Getting called up on your behaviour and getting your co-uppance are two completely different. things. Trixie got called up for her behaviour in both Longest Night and in Boast Busted, Octavia was called up in Muscians and Dreamers but Lyra still tried to save her career, Applejack recieved buckets and buckets worth off ponies calling her up on her behaviour, even Pinkie Pie was called up by Trixie for not really listening to other ponies. I know from a career stand point she is untouchable but I don't want anything bad to happen to her career or her personally, I just want someone to walk up to her and say "Rainbow Dash, you are being an ASS!!"

I know bosses can be like that. I've had a boss like that and, unlike many people, I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could resign with my dignity and job oppertunities still intact. It wasn't a fun move and frankly until him, I never thought I would get to the point where I would rather face unemployment in a recession hit economy than have to deal with my current workplace.

Others don't have that option and I sympathise.

Sorry if it seems like I'm harping on Rainbow Dash. I know Raindrops loves her job and I know Rainbow Dash isn't always this bad. I guess it's just sometimes really hard for me to find her likable (both in the lunaverse and in canon), but that's my problem and for the most part I try to leave my personal opinions about characters at the door and focus on how they are presented in the story infront of me.

Overall a fairly good and respectable attitude to have on all matters (both in regards to real life endeavors and addressing the function of fictional characters; if more folks had that kind attitude, there would probably be less flame wars and such). As for Rainbow Dash specificaly...

I just want someone to walk up to her and say "Rainbow Dash, you are being an ASS!!"

That was kind of exactly what Raindrops was doing, if in a bit of an overly physical manner. Just too bad for her the higher ups were there to see it.

Overall, I liked it. I'm really interested to see where you go for this. My favorite bit was probably the part with Snails, I think you really nailed his personality in an awesome way.

Wasn't a big fan of Dash screwing up in such a jerkish manner. Being too lazy to submit an employee's vacation forms is pushing it even for her. I think I'd rather it be something like Dash's previous behavior putting the Ponyville team under scrutiny -- say, Dash was caught taking unauthorized vacation days, so now all vacations have to be audited and Raindrops' wasn't in time for the extra time that an audit takes, or something. I think that works better.

The bit with Carrot Top worked nicely. I like how Berry's now seems to be the place for the L6 to go when they're upset; Carrot Top did it herself in Carrot Top Season (getting soused with Trixie to boot), and now Dropsie as well.

Iron Will worked very well. Trajectory was meh for me, but I'll reserve judgement for now.

And crazy creepy smily Raindrops is truly an awesome sight to behold.

Pretty good, although the destruction of Trixie's window is getting way overused. Also, Raindrops better get her vacation and Dash a major chewing out. At least raindrops getting the vacation. To deny her that overall would be cruel, unnecessary and just plain mean. In a bad way, I might clarify.


I just feel that certain main aspects, such as Celestia, were not handled well at all, which others have stated before.

Even though I'm writing this story, I agree with you for the most part. Celestia was not well-handled at all, and every attempt to rectify that just makes things worse. Much of the early Lunaverse ran on Ron the Death Eater, making the M6 and Celestia look as awful as possible so the L6 and Luna could instantly stand out. At the very least, though, the group's trying to move away from that as a whole, but I'm not sure if they ever can get past what went down in LNLD and BB. Those are the stories people are most often introduced to the Lunaverse through, and when the first thing they see is their favorite characters becoming flankholes for the sake of that overrated stage magician and her padre of background and secondary characters...

Yes, I actually have run into people who've used the Lunaverse to advance the idea that the Mane 6 are a bunch of thugs who had it in for poor, defenseless Trixie from the start. Someone much smarter was handling that conversation, but it was a...troubling sight and confirmed some of my worst fears of the Lunaverse as a whole.


My favorite bit was probably the part with Snails, I think you really nailed his personality in an awesome way.

Thanks. :twilightsmile: Honestly, I was really worried about that part going in. I've never really been a fan of Snails in either continuity, but he's just too important to this setup to not use. I just hope I can keep it up, especially considering how you're all going to hate me in one or two chapters...

Wasn't a big fan of Dash screwing up in such a jerkish manner.

I'd respond to this, but that would be giving away something later on. The next chapter will detail her motivations a bit more.


That was kind of exactly what Raindrops was doing, if in a bit of an overly physical manner. Just too bad for her the higher ups were there to see it.

Pretty much this. The start of the story is just a classic exercise in horrendous timing. And Dash will get what's coming to her next chapter, in the most terrifying way possible... :pinkiecrazy:


...Now I wish that was the answer. Certainly would be a lot funnier than the actual cause. :fluttershysad:


I can certainly see some of the cast jump to the same conclusion as me, Cheerilee particularly

Yes, I actually have run into people who've used the Lunaverse to advance the idea that the Mane 6 are a bunch of thugs who had it in for poor, defenseless Trixie from the start. Someone much smarter was handling that conversation, but it was a...troubling sight and confirmed some of my worst fears of the Lunaverse as a whole.

I've seen these kinds of people too, but so far as I'm concerned they are the kind of people who would have hated on the M6 and Celestia anyway even if there never was a Lunaverse. We at the Lunaverse can't and shouldn't be held accountable for the existence of such fanatics, and while there might be some superficial similarities, we generally aren't those kinds of people.

Most of us actually writing for the Lunaverse love everything about the show including its original cast, and that's the reason we've at times over used the L!M6, not because we hate them, but because we want to explore something simultaneously familiar and alien. Sure Celestia and Twilight seem to get it extra bad, but a lot of that is sort of wish fulfilment that Nightmare Moon and Trixie had gotten more screentime on the actual show.


It's just the nature of the beast at times. You've created an AU that perfectly conforms to preset biases, and people will come rushing to it for support when the show doesn't back up their arguments. I never said the Lunaverse should be held accountable for such thoughts (especially since that includes me, too), but it is still troubling to see the universe promoted in such a way. It's also why if I recommend it to anyone, I do not send them to read LNLD or BB first. It's always "Family Matters" or "Musicians and Dreamers" for me, since those are both fairly gentle introductions without any of the possibly offending elements of the previous two.

While the Lunaverse has grown beyond where it used to be, I would have to remind you that a whole thread about how to use the Mane 6 was necessary to keep things from getting worse. At the very least, we're not turning Apple Bloom into Diamond Tiara anytime soon.


(By the way, I took your advice and read LNED. I was...less than impressed, unfortunately. :fluttercry:)


While the Lunaverse has grown beyond where it used to be, I would have to remind you that a whole thread about how to use the Mane 6 was necessary to keep things from getting worse. At the very least, we're not turning Apple Bloom into Diamond Tiara anytime soon.

No need to remind me; I'm the one who started that thread. So yes, I'm very aware of how badly things could have gone, but well, they didn't (and it makes me proud as a contributor to remember that I might be largely responsible for that).

...except kind of AJ, who I now consider worse off than either Twilight or Celestia. Which probably bugs me extra more, not because she is or ever has been in anyway my favorite character in either verse, but because she's probably the character I personally put the most effort in to explaining why she was never so bad off to begin with, and instead of any of that being taken into consideration when trying to show her as a potentially sympathetic character we got... well, you and I both know what we got instead an that's probably not a discussion worth going into here.

(By the way, I took your advice and read LNED. I was...less than impressed, unfortunately.)

Sorry to hear that, at least depending on in what way you were unimpressed. In and of themselves the stories aren't really meant to be all that individually impressive; just vignettes really. Short stories that explore little sidetracks of what else was going on during much larger event, and in that respect I think they are generally quite successful. If this is just more not caring for the whole Corona history stuff though, well I can't really do any more to help you with that. So if that's the case, I'm sorry to have caused you more trouble and pain by way of the recommendation. :unsuresweetie:

Personally, I'd prefer the idea of Celestia becoming paranoid. Think about it, what kind of world is Equestria? Dragons, the everfree, a mad god improsioned on the front lawn, monsters and villans and so on and so forth. Celestia starts taking up more and more responsibilities, starts eating at work, and doesn't sleep as much, and no matter how hard she tries to protect her subjects, she becomes more and more frightened that something terrible will happen if she doesn't protect them. She enacts curfews and draconian regulations and laws to protect her subjects.

Celestia sees her sister getting more and more distant as Celestia becomes more and more terrified of threats to her subjects, real or imagined, and eventually thinks that Luna will turn and become a tyrant. Overcome by fear and paranoia, Celestia does a pre-emptive stike, utterly convinced that what she does is aboslutely nessecary for the continued safety of her Little Ponies. At this point, she's become the overbearing mother who wraps her children in bubble wrap and almost never leaves them unsupervised.

When Celestia returns from her "banishment" she's so overcome with fear and paranoia that she assumes that, since it is night, that Luna has become a monster, and will not set the moon nor raise the sun. She kidnaps most of the town, and takes them to a safe place, providing for them, fussing over them, and making sure that they are perfectly safe. Little does she realize that she's become the biggest threat to Equestria in the manner of a crazed mother creating proxy children.

When the L6 arrive to "save the day" Celestia is convinced that they are agents of her "corrupted sister" and does everything in her power to protect her captives from an imagined threat. They blast her wht the Elements, but Celestia is still terrified of monsters, until in comes Luna to soothe her big sisters fears, raising the sun to chase away Celestia's tears.

Celestia is now the equivalent of early S1 Fluttershy. Timid, easily frightened, and hides a lot, but still means well and has much of her good nature in play.

Oh my gosh...Raindrops is on drugs.
Also, the Lunaverse? It's amazing. So far, i think it could possibly, just maybe, equal (if not exceed) the show in terms of Fantasticness. Please keep up the amazing work.

They certainly needed the bits; she loved Lyra's music, but the fact was that it wasn't really bringing in the dough.

Hah! Looks like Trixie is right after all about Lyra being a broke musician!

Almonds, so, cyanide? As in Dash is now panicking about Raindrops poisoning her? :twilightoops:

...happy Raindrops scares me now....

and either Rainbow Dash is allergic to almonds, or she suspects cyanide.

This chapter is one word longer than the previous one which is pretty awesome. Also finally a raindrops tag.

This is a great deal of fun! Thanks so much for sharing it. Love what you're doing with the characters. Only negative was that you got a little flowery and overly stylistic literary at times but overall loving this story. Thanks very much for sharing!

Yeup, this was exactly what the doctor ordered and I'm already feeling much better than I was before I started reading the chapter... not as happy as Raindrops obviously, but that's rather obviously for the best.

I was caught a little off guard and unsettled in a not very pleasant way by Carrot Top apparently getting injured by the bear hug, though I'm guessing it can't be all that serious if a couple pain killers is sufficient.

It's either changelings or Mongolians at this point.


Other than that, things seem excellent so far.

and all of them known treats Raindrops was known to enjoy.

Should probably excise the first instance of known here.

“Oh, nothing.” Lyra rolled her eyes and smiled. “I was just wondering how many bad habits you kicked just before you came to Ponyville.” Fortunately, she had the good sense to flee before Trixie could lob anything heavy.

And thus the chase was ahoof...

Which chase? Chasing down the problem with Rainy or chasing Lyra? //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Trixie_lolface_2.png

All right new update! :pinkiehappy:
I liked the entire Bonbon Ditsy scene, especially the mention of Trixie's song.
Raindrops Turing up and freaking them out was amusing, but I had something of a hard time telling who's perspective I was meant to be following.
... Interesting introduction for the CT scene. I wonder what the petition is?
I'm startingg to think this constant deep breathing has something to do with Raindrops's acting so weird. Am I close?:scootangel:
Interesting discussion with Dash, Ii's almost like you're trying to say something? :duck:
I sort of have a hard time believing Puissance could get away with banishing someone form the court solely because he was annoying especially if everyone knew she'd done it.
Besides that, I found the discussion between Trixie and company highly amusing and well written. I liked Lyra's snarky little line and the CT scene.
Anyway great chapter, looking forward to the next one!

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