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you two need to tell me what to write about already · 12:10am May 7th, 2017

dear Vicodin and Tlaren

you won by being the only ones to donate to the kickstarter for No Mercy

Please leave a comment and I will use it to fuel the reward story

Everyone else: The kickstarter was pretty successful! We've been reworking the foundation of the game a lot since then. We're going to have some BackerKit options to support us if anyone still wants to. I'll post an update when that happens.

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I love you.

i aspire to be on your level.

Fun fact: I still have the homemade copy of "The Spiderses" plus illustrations you were selling way back. Greasy pizza box and all. Hard to explain to people like 5 years later, but worth it.

I swear, your stories are one of the few things that keep me coming back to this site periodically. It's a shame the fandom plateaued. I miss the glory days of 2012. Anyways, thanks for making horse stories continuously enjoyable.

Author Interviewer

2438247 That's awesome! Thanks so much for writing that up. Seriously warms my heart. :D

I will say that most of my spite was ironic, because who has time to get worked up over horse words?

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