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Scar the gnoll and the newly-formed pony squad arrive in the Griffon Kingdoms, eager to hunt the hated Izelim from their hiding places but unaware of what sinister plans lie hidden in the dark.

While the ponies and griffons focus on the present and what the future may bring, the gnoll finds himself faced with his own past as their journey takes them closer and closer to his old, forgotten home.

This is the second part of The Reader. Reading the first part is not necessary, but is highly recommended.

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Been waiting so long for this! As always, looking great so far, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

I love you. All homo if you're male.

The second book has come out!!!:pinkiehappy:

2752551 He ended up a bit bigger on the picture than originally intended :twilightblush:

Well... That was AWESOME! More!

2752582 I would say much too big. Three times at least. :rainbowhuh:

As for the story...

Excellent! More Scar and co.'s shenanegans! Looking forward to more updates!

Yes! The tale of Scar and Purple Haze continues!:pinkiehappy:

"This is a graveyard", One of the best ominous lines in literature and movies.

Scar talked about a black fog killing other gnolls... If the Izelim were behind that, I want a mass slaughter.
A gnoll graveyard; shit got serious.

Scar's back! Buck yeah!!!

Oh, wait............shit. Guess he found home, huh?

Guess what this idiot,
forgot to do?

'Click' and 'click'. Right, that's sorted now!

Shit is about to go down.

Yaaaaaaay! Imma gonna start reading now.

Awesome beginning to a new part of a great story. I only found one fault: "This forest, the gnoll knew by now, had once been or still was the territory of another pack... he'd have to be careful of the path from here on. Scar tightened the grip on his weapon... Or at least... he would have to show his repsect to those that had passed before him." You probably can tell what you need to change that to.


damn there some feels here man..... :fluttercry:

I started reading this story way back when there were only 2 chapters in book 1 and I must say, this... this is one of my favorite stories on the entire site.
Scar Smash!!!:flutterrage:

d'aww, sad chapter is sad.

to make it up for us you could give us lots and lots of smashed rats:pinkiehappy:

if i had no knowledge of this story, but had seen mlp, i would be fearful indeed, and would most likely be looking for help in the nearby ponies.

EDIT this assumes i pop up in front of him

Haze needs to invent the woodchpper, so Scar has something to use on the rats.


I would deficate. Right on the spot.

Have a tear drop of liquid pride.

And if I wound up in front of Scar I would do one of two things (assuming I had no knowledge of him) A: Stand my ground. A (animal) predator would see this as an act of one who is higher on the proverbial food chain, so I would have assumed that same thing, or B: Run for my life in an absolute blind panic, throwing whatever I can to slow the (non)beast down.

So... the big snake commands the Izelim, and the Izelim were ordered by Big Snake to make the Black Sleep plague and use it on the gnolls, presumably because gnolls are the only ones of whom the snake really fears for their hunting ability and bloodlust, so that the Izelim can operate without running the risk of being attacked by gnolls while working to take over the land... well...

If I didn't know? Depends.

If I saw him after a fight, I'd probably shoot at him and pray.

During one of his calmer moods? Back away slowly.

If I knew who he was? "Sup."

with or without Tag/Smack Door?

I do hope you don't intend to paint all the izelim as evil. I don't like having an entire species defined by one trait.

Did you draw inspiration for this chapter from FFX? Because that scene still gives me the feels.

Well now, that was good... Real good... Like, I wanna play DnD with this guy good.

Without knowledge, probably panic, then resign myself to my fate- nothing I could do could bring him down. With knowledge? Probably panic until I realized who he was, then try to strike up a conversation.

All I want for a happy ending is a living clan of gnolls is found by Scar. That's all...:applecry:Please

Awww man, it would REALLY suck if the rats managed to wipe all of the Gnolls... here's hoping there will be enough of them stashed someplace to keep the race of pure awesome going. :fluttercry:

The mastermind is a villainous snake.

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