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Hi, I'm FeltyElk7. I'm a huge fan of Discord, Nightmare Moon, and Chrysalis. I made this account to be able to read more fanfictions. I may write some of my own fanfictions eventually.


When I died, all I saw was darkness. But then, I heard familiar voices and soon realised that I had become Discord at the beginning of Return of Harmony. After breaking out, I decide to time travel to a year and a half before the first episode so I could see all of Equestria. Disguised as a traveling unicorn mare merchant, I set off to see the wonders of Equestria and make new friends at the towns I visit.

Anthro and Human tags are for later on in the story

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Suggested name: Eris (usually the female name of Discord)

This is the kind of thing everyone wants to do. Be a character in MLP.

Hmm, time traveling is something I think most people would never do lightly. Time is a very dangerous thing to mess with.

Selling awesome things? So much for not changing history.

So... can we send in OC's? You know, cause the disturbance in space-time?

You can if you want to, but I would normally use OCs as the citizens of the different towns.

6039632 That is completely fine by me. I just thought I'd ask as I'm kind of on a roll lending my OC's out. People tend to like their brief back stories and personalities that I give them.

As an example:
Cloud skater
A pegasus mare with a white coat and bright yellow mane. Her eyes are sky blue and she works as a weather pony even though she during her childhood lost both of her wings. She replaces her ability to fly with her amazing talent in cloud manipulation by using pieces of clouds as steppingstones that sit on her hooves as 'shoes'. Mobile steppingstones. She is extremely determined to keep going strong as a pegasus, despite her lack of wings.

Oh please make Discord do an impression of the merchant from Resident Evil 4

Careful about that, you might just open the floodgates.

Anyways, I really enjoy the story so far, but do be careful not to let the readers dictate the story too much. I can tell that this story has much potential and I will be keeping an eye on this.

As a name suggestion, how about "Breezy Day's awesome antiquities"
Seems legit with your idea and the name fits the mare.

Good chapter. Will he meet any MLP characters we know and love on his travels?

He will, but in later chapters. Plus, I've decided that the first character he meets will be A.K. Yearling a.k.a. Daring Do

Ahhh, that reminds me of my childhood, though I don't think those were the words I heard.

Awesome--I love the set up of this story!

I would have gone with the tenth doctor when he says

"allons y!"


What exactly is happening here? If the goal was to have fun, sitting at a stand selling stuff isn't how to do it.

6210909 did you NOT notice the idea of her selling interdimentional gear?
She almost created a reversed displaced multi verse! Think of the chaos! Think of the fun! And who said selling couldn't be fun?
What could be more fun than selling and haggling prices for quality stuff with customers and just having a great talk with them as the day goes by?
Being a merchant is hard work but its the little things that make it worth it.

6211430 Oh, is that what was being sold? How'd I miss that?

Maybe I should try this sometime.

I can't wait until more comes out, this is such an AWESOME story :yay:
I really hope there will be more.:twilightsmile:

Holy crap she is shadow the hedgehog's reincarnation. Basically you have the dark arms symbol my friend. May she become the ultimate lifeform as the ultimate chaos lord helps her.

I love your stories so much:pinkiehappy: WHAT will happen next? When will the next chapter come out? Will this person who is traped in discords body ever meet Celestia? What will she think of this? Dun-dun-Duuun

I really can't wait for the next chapter to come out:twilightsmile:

Ahh. So on to the next destination.
I'm just a bit surprised breezy adapted so well to being a made without any problems.

Eh, is that going to lead to anything? No doubt that was sweet, but it didn't seem that important.

"Yes, it does look like quite a nice town", said Nightshade.

"Think the ponies there are friendly?" I asked.

"We won't know until we see it for ourselves", said Nightshade.

"You're right, sis", I said, "Well, we won't find out by standing around here. Let's go".

Nightshade nodded and turned back into her disguise form as my shadow. I then headed toward the town, wondering about how things will turn out for me.

Nightshade sounds like Maud to me. Just wondering one thing: on purpose? Anyway, I think this fic could use some more emotions. Either from the Protagonist or from Nightshade. :pinkiesmile:

The rest of the day went by quickly. During that time, I made a plan for how I would confront the filly. I would disguise myself as a filthy, homeless mare and try to talk with her. Finding her wouldn't be a problem. I can track the apple I gave her using my magic and find out where she is living.

How does he track her? Does he have a small wiretape in the apple or has the apple a little bit of chaos magic in him, that he can track?

Also nice idea with the filly. A Luna reference, if I'm right. Alone the name and then Sunny Skies. That name was Celestia called in another fic. I hope we see how this ended for Starry Night. :pinkiesmile:

Hanging out with just Nightshade is a bit weird. I mean, is she really real?

She will be a fortune teller and I need ideas for her disguise form and name.

I would recommend Starry Skies, the form Luna uses in the story "Her Knight in Faded Armor".

Of course she's real. Even though she was created from a shadow, she's her own mare with her own mind.

I Can't wait for the next chapter. I loved every single detail of it.:pinkiehappy:
Keep up with that awesome skill of yours ;)

Yes! I've been looking for this for years! Yes! Now to track it so I don't lose it. People of ponytext track stuff so this fate does not befall you! Also I lost a story I favourited inner machinations of a trickster I think any info would be most appreciated.

y'know, this seemed reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaallllllllyyyyyyyy short, but know that I've read it, it seems likr the perfect intro.+1 Like +1 favorite +1 Follower

Do you have a timetable for updates and new chapters. I just hate waiting on something that might not even happen. Also on another note what was (damn what the mains name?) their original gender?
Any ways hope you continue. Would love to see where this story is going.

6589005 this is a great story you must continue it

Minus one point for the Anthro and Human stuff, besides that it looks good so far.

This chapter was a tad short.

Plus one point for the protagonist becoming female.

This was a good story when I first read it:pinkiehappy: and it still is a good story today too bad it's dead:fluttercry: it ain't updated in almost a year:raritydespair: are you ever going to update:flutterrage:

Goatees are cool".

Goatees are cool

He said the same thing as Matt Smith said about bow ties and i need to know are you a Matt Smith fan of doctor who.:pinkiehappy::rainbowderp:

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