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It's Almost Here · 2:29pm March 14th

Around this time tomorrow, I plan on releasing my new story Of Heaven and Earth. When it comes out, I'll be releasing the first two chapters at the same time as there's a two year time gap between the first and second chapters. I should also mention that the first few chapters will be following Twilight until the main character makes his actual appearance (I know that it's not how it's usually done, but that's just how it is with this one). As the story proceeds, you'll notice

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2508236 Welcome. Glad you're enjoying it.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for keeping me entertained on my breaks at work, mate :moustache:

No problem, they are both great stories, and I also see that the stories will be tied together eventually. Can't wait for it:pinkiehappy:

2449046 Thanks for writing it.:twilightsmile: Always enjoyed a good long fic and am looking forward to the rest of it.

thanks for the fave! :rainbowkiss:

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