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500 and Growing · 4:42am Jan 25th, 2018

Thank you, everyone. Thanks to the support that all of you have shown, Of Heaven and Earth has reached its 500th like, and there is still much of the story yet to come. I know that it has its flaws, despite my best efforts, but despite them, you still found it enjoyable anyways. It pleases me greatly to know how much you all appreciate and support this story, and hopefully I'll continue to provide you with much more of it in the upcoming chapters.

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2789221 It's mostly just having to work so much and being too tired afterwards to write, but from what I'm hearing, we're supposed to get more people in a week or so, so I should hopefully have less work days/nights and more time to relax and write again. (Hopefully I don't jinx myself again.)

In regards to your question about kirins and their birth, funny enough, I was actually gonna cover that a little bit in the 3rd story.

I was just thinking, for kirins i understand F pony + M dragon = live birth but would it be the same if it was M pony + F dragon? (and if you need help with your stories could i help)

2784122 Thank you. And yes, there will be a sequel. But first, there are two other stories that I need to write that'll tie in to the sequel if I can ever find the time to write them.

Just finished of flame and shadow...HOLY MOTHER OF CELESTIA! I absolutely loved it! You some how managed to meld the human world with the world of ponies on a whole different scale. Also, is there a sequel?

2728814 Thanks. Things haven't been the same since I was bumped up to fulltime at work. Regardless, I've been focusing on the next chapter and am at almost 2k words. If I focus on it, I should hopefully have it out by Sunday, or with a bit of luck, maybe even tomorrow.

  • Viewing 70 - 74 of 74
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