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Some funny comments. Can't remember what they were on tho XD

Thanks for the follow!

Why tho? I’m jus’ curious.

On star eater you say? Which chapter?
I haven't read that story since, well since I gave up on the main character being anything other than a pathological liar in a never ending tower of scumbaggery built upon a world so broken that in it an only it can Jacobs (the characters name you know, not mentioned since chapter 1) be a hero, in any rational universe he'd be the maniacal villain.

Depending on how far you are, save your time, just go watch Naruto (will all the filler) and mentally replace Naruto with Donald Trump.

TL:DR. I had a row with the author of that story cause he deleted my critique.

To answer your first question: I followed you because you posted a rather funny - in my opinion - post on the story Star Eater, by Vongoalyken. It was quite a while ago, mind you, so I'm not surprised if you do not remember. To answer your second question: I am always watching your every move, good sir! It is in my nature to keep a keen eye on all test subj-- I mean, friends of mine.

Thank you for the comment, much appreciated!
Your's faithfully,

  • Viewing 70 - 74 of 74
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