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Man of War, a large story with an even larger universe. The goal of creating this group is to simply have a place to refer to for all of the stories that take place in this universe; as well as all world building forums. As of now, it's not that many. But, that is not to say that there won't be more in the future!

If you wish to make a crossover and wish for help, send me an email and we'll work out the details.

Any negativity will be ignored, deleted, and some evil third thing. In that order.

Thanks for dropping by, and like always,

Brony on!

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We should get a discord server!

some evil third thing? :rainbowlaugh:

Hello, is anyone here?

Ok I am completely lost on the game and everything so could somebody please explain to me what's going on
I've been watching anime on my computer lately and completely forgot mlp existed
Sry but sword art online, attack on Titan, kill la kill, and fairy tail were fking amazing

ok that makes sense ( at least for my walnut sized brain hole) and it wasnt that long only 9 weeks....ya ILL let it pass for now :pinkiecrazy:

341581 Crossover 2 is for stories where Man of War characters end up in another universe. The first is for stories that take place in the Man of War Universe. Sorry about the delayed response, Fim doesn't tell me when things are posted here.

Im kinda glad he changed it from browny points 2 brony points because when I here browny points I get hungry only 2 relize I have no brownys :raritydespair:

Comment posted by OnederMan deleted Aug 31st, 2014
Comment posted by OnederMan deleted Aug 31st, 2014

Hey TB dont u think that Cheesus's The Demon Within story would be in crossover 2 because those characters r main characters in Man Of War? or am I getting it mixed up :facehoof:

I do love this story oh so much :rainbowkiss:

the beginning of something :yay:

Anything and everything involving Man of War including Crossovers and moar. Insanity shall ensue :pinkiecrazy:

:pinkiehappy: OK can you send a link to one

340079 I have a few blogs that explain it further, but basically commenting.

Hey i was reading your story and was wondering how do you get brony points?

Just start pressing buttons and trying to find what works. :trollestia: It always works for me.

340073 Maybe in time. As of right now, I'm still running around trying to figure all the little do hickeys out.

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