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Keep on reading and writing my fellow pony fan's and rest easy knowing that I'm hard at work writing up more fun pony fiction for you all to enjoy!

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Hey Folks! I'm still around. · 9:27pm Dec 28th, 2020

And still working on the next chapter of Equilibrium, Book 2. Here's a little hint about it, everyone's favorite robot pony will become an integral part of the cast in this chapter. Other than that I'm trying t find some work to help pay off the bills for my new place. I might have or not mentioned but I've got my own place and am fully moved into it, a nice little RV for me and my service dog. Rents cheap but still need to actually get some money coming in. Going to give professional writing a

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I gotcha, man. You deserve a smile. :pinkiehappy::heart:

Thanks. I really needed that.

You are welcome. I look forward to reading Super very soon.

:ajsmug: Thanks for the follow and adding Super to your library.

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