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This story is a sequel to The 7th Element. Season 1: The Magi-Tech Pony

After a disastrous night at the Grand Galloping Gala, Gadget and Midnight just want to sit back and relax for a while. But royal duty call's and the two are soon swept up into a political game of cat and mouse. And to make thing's worse the king of chaos himself is soon unleashed upon Equestria. To complicate matter's, even more, a new and mysterious threat is making its presence known. Ponies are disappearing only to be found later with odd memories and behaviors. Can Gadget and his friend's find a way to stop this new threat before it can take over Equestria from within?

Holy CRAP!!! I GOT FEATURED!!!! I never thought that would happen. 07/08/2016

Wow, several years later and it got featured again! 04/04/2019

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Me " Danny ''

Danny" what?''

Me" prepare the printers''

Good start by the way and can't wait for more just member the printers are ready

7086956 Printer's ready? Awesome! Time to commence with the Writing!!!

Don't gadget xoellu will be there for and if not now soon cause I'm on the hideaway from HELL to help you my friend

Yay new chapter and season I hope it will be as good as the next one. :twilightsmile:

7088031 Thank you! I hope i can keep it up. :twilightsheepish:

>>rojack xoellu that's were he is

Are you going to follower special when you reach 100?

7088578 I don't know? Maybe. I'll have to think of something.

Awakening an ancient enemy that might be that might be there greatest ally Gemini, mystery pony x, tirek
Could be anyone

7091795 I was aiming for one chapter a day. But now my work got ramped up. So it might shift over to 1 chapter every 2 day's.

Yay I finally got time to read.... No...NONONO DANG YOU SCHOOL BLOCKING FOR LANGUAGE! Gah now I have to wait more

7095085 I found a way around it (aka downloading it as a txt)

"slow clap'' the highlight of my day

all I have to have is patience

Nice job, I attempted my license last Thursday, needless to say I failed, but I didn't see that car coming down that hill, nope autofail, nice job

Also I just finished the chapter, so I'm confused about this discord is he the discord that the mane 6 defeat and then later reform, or is he from the future or say a diffrent time line

I'm sorry, I'm a grammar nazi :fluttershyouch::twilightsheepish:

Dark, ominous thunder clouds hung over the city. The culprit behind their formation was currently inside the Canterlot Royal Hospital, pacing around the waiting room, looking at everything she could to try and take her mind off of the pony now stuck in the emergency room. Her tufted ear's swiveled to and fro listening for any sound that could potentially be new's about her closest companion. The thunder storm got worse as she thought about the situation.

Comma to separate adjectives when describing a situation. clouds without an apostrophe. Their instead of there. There refers to a place or thing, their is possessive. There is a comma after room since it is a separate statement. News without an apostrophe. This isn't incorrect, it just is a clunky addition. This is just a suggestion but if you wanted to add effect I would revise it to fit in the paragraph better.

The clouds were now pouring rain as Midnight's catlike eyes began to water.

clunky. The storm outside progressed into heavy rain. catlike is one word. eyes without an apostrophe.

"WHERE ARE THEY!?" She shouted, as the sound of thunder resounded resounding through out the city fallowed followed closely by a flurry of lighting lightening bolt's

Where is a word used to ask a location. the comma followed by the removal of as allows the words to flow better. resounding instead of resounding since this paragraph is in present tense. lightening not lighting and bolts without an apostrophe.

"H-h-how do you know?" She said sobbing. In the background more rain, thunder, and lightning lightening fallowed. followed. Cadance looked outside then to the emergency room. Finally her gaze locked onto Midnight. She smiled.

The first sentence could either use a comma in between "said" and "sobbing" or rewritten to flow better like "She said through sobs" the entire next sentence could be rewritten as well. "The storm continued to progress in the background." but if you leave it you need to include a comma after the word "thunder" I highlighted the correct spelling of words.

"I know because from what i I have gathered Gadget has a way of drawing on the love of those around him to heal." She continued scanned the room.

I'm going to stop here if you don't want me trying to make edits to the entire story. I like it :pinkiehappy:

7100884 dont worry you will get it. Just dont wait until you'r 23 like i did. :twilightblush:

7101175 No worries. I have someone that wants to edit my story but we cant find a way for that to work out. Thanks for the edits. They realy help.

ok....the "to the best of my ability" part....in my head....I heard banes voice

This complicates thing for a few minutes I thought you added him

Wait a second "Charlemagne" and "Romania" we are getting middle ages up in here as in the Charles that was looked after ages as a model ruler and the emperor of Rome? Yay the references to the past of earth history for the win!

7103442 lol!! I wasent even making a refrence to him. But now i cant stop hearing his voice. Curses!!!

7103543 He wont be appearing until Arc 2 or 3. And boy will his entrance be grand! Dont know how but it will be. :pinkiehappy:

7103718 Lol!! Glad you like them. I was hopeing someone would get them. I'm a history buff. :twilightblush:

Me Danny do you see that?


"in 15 chapters I'm going to destroy the story and its morals cause I don't want my entrance to be grand its going to be monumental for its that our xenomophs


My shadow is the only one that walks beside me and his name is xoellu.

7103925 I love midevil Times, the second I saw that, my midevil fan came out (immagine Luna fan but in the books for hours reading about it) even if I wasn't a little obsessed with that we are in our midevil unit in HS so I would probably have got it anyways

All right folk's sorry for not getting a new chapter out today. I had work but i got off rather early. I came home and tried to work on the 4th chapter. I got about halfway through so i should be able to finish it and get it out later on today. And if i'm really lucky i can get out a second chapter as well. So see you all later.

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Was she making a pbj good she must hone her skills for me

Her kitchen skills are not up to par.

She must fix them posthaste.

Also I want that prince Charleseqanawhatyoumacallhim to get beat the fuck up.

7112859 oh dont worry. He will get whats comeing to him.

7113575 if not by the time HE comes in then he's dead the worst way possible :pinkiecrazy:

Ps my cat is snoring its so cute:heart:

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Hello every body. I wanted to apologize for not getting chapter's out sooner. I had some bad issue's to deal with. I'm still getting over them. But i am back. So i shall try and get out a chapter by tonight or Friday. And is i get the chance i will be devoting my Saturday and Sunday to writing as much as i can to catch up and make up for all the time i haven't been writing. Hope you all can forgive me for being tardy with my schedule. So here go's nothing! ONWARD TO GLORY!!!


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