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So are bad months refundable? · 5:29am Jan 27th, 2017

So I have a question. It’s a rhetorical question mostly, but I’ve been wondering if I can get a refund on my January. Don’t worry, this blog won’t be all griping, but I do feel like it could do me some good to just vent a bit so I can start fresh when February kicks off. Also fair warning, few parts of the blog might be a bit gross.

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What Didn't Happen: After

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Interlude - Day Dream

*Blows the dust off*

Good grief, when was the last time I updated this thing? Oh well, who knows.

Yes, I'm still working on the next installment, it's just taking longer because it turns out I'm expanding it quite a bit. The next installment will be a 3 parter... at least. Could be 4. Parts 1 and 2 are complete already, 3 is getting there.

Why am I not releasing Day Dream in parts as I finish them? Because I do not want to leave cliffhangers on this side story. I think that'd be a bit cruel.

But I'm getting there, as I get time I return to my writing here and there. I'm just slow.

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I'm sure it will. I definitely see author talent. And I'm super excited to see more.:pinkiehappy:

If you have a lot of editing to do, does that mean you might need a little help? *fingers crossed)


Well, the next chapter is already written, but it's pretty rough and defiantly not ready to be seen yet. I tend to do quite a bit of tweaking on the scenes before I'm happy enough to show my stuff off to anyone, and I'll likely be working on it tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks for taking interest in my story, hopefully it stays interesting for you. :twilightsmile:

I'm asking all my favorite authors this question for all my favorite stories ( that are ongoing at least) When do you think your next chapter for What Didn't Happen might come out? ( not that I'm trying to rush you at all :) ) Oh, and if you need a beta I'm open, and I've been told that I'm pretty good. ( I dont think so, I tend to overuse commas and miss some spelling errors, but it couldn't hurt to have an extra set of hands right?)

(This is my second favorite story, right behind Past Sins ( very close second), and I'm really excited to read more.

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