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Just an average insane brony, doing average insane things. Do check out my patreon page!

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If you like my stories, feel free to donate to my Patreon Page! All my writing is free, but patreon is my primary source of income; I charge patrons per chapter released per month. If you'd like to pay me in another fashion, I do have a Ko-Fi account where you can drop off a one-time donation in any increment of three dollars. (I'm not going to use it on coffee, I'll be buying cookies instead, but don't tell them that!)

While I do charge based on chapters here on FimFiction, I also charge based on chapters released on my AO3 stories as well. I place weekly AO3 alerts every sunday to update my followers on my other activities. I do not charge if a chapter is (A) transferred from previous publication elsewhere, (B) collaboratively written, or (C) less than one thousand words. All stories are viewable free of charge.

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Do not post on my userpage to thank me for faves.


Seriously, earning my respect does not deserve a thank you. You earned your respect on your own merits, STOP MAKING ME A GOD.


AO3 Alert: ...Okay, THIS week it's going down! · 7:54pm Sunday

Sorry guys, I was going to pony but...


Dramatic episodes are sort of addicting.

But I did get another chapter of With Catlike Tread out. And I am still working on pony. AND THE PATREON ISSUE IS FIXED this month anyway, so to those of you that sent me kofi money I have sent back your kofi money.

After the ruination of Equestria....

In the cursed homeland of the dragons....

Gathered by fate, luck, or just bad timing....

A group of brave adventurers seek treasure, truth, and triumph!

Yeah... they're probably going to screw everything up.

Fallout is Dragons: a podcast Skype Roleplay with a quirky cast of characters.

Fallout is Dragons streams on Newbiespud's Hitbox on sundays, generally at 9:00 PM CST. Check out the Dragon Mawlers Inc. tumblr for news and fanart!

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You fool. Did you not read the disclaimer!?

Your Steel saga deserves a follow for further updates. I cannot wait for you to publish the sequel in the future.:moustache:

Do not post on my userpage to thank me for faves.

Hmmm. Then I will instead thank you for your support in adding The Worst of All Possible Worlds to an internet box that contains works you have enjoyed reading or will enjoy reading.
Support like yours means the world to me! :raritywink:

Comment posted by Feather Flyer deleted Monday
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