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Just an average insane brony, doing average insane things. Professional Fanfiction Writer and Purveyor, relevant links are on my profile page.

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If you like my stories, feel free to donate to my Patreon Page! All my writing is free, but patreon is my primary source of income; I charge patrons per chapter released per month. If you'd like to pay me in another fashion, I do have a Ko-Fi account where you can drop off a one-time donation in any increment of three dollars. (I'm not going to use it on coffee, I'll be buying cookies instead, but don't tell them that!) If you want to commission me, I've put up my rates to the left.

While I do charge based on chapters here on FimFiction, I also charge based on chapters released on my AO3 stories as well. I place weekly AO3 alerts every sunday to update my followers on my other activities. I do not charge if a chapter is (A) transferred from previous publication elsewhere, (B) collaboratively written, or (C) less than one thousand words. All stories are viewable free of charge.

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Seriously, earning my respect does not deserve a thank you. You earned your respect on your own merits, STOP MAKING ME A GOD. If you wish to support me, you can look at the information box to the right. -->

Commission Slots

There are five commission slots. All commissioned one-shots and directed writing chapters will also be counted as Patreon Paid Updates, but reviews will not be. You can commission me for any of the following:

  • A review of a fanfic of your choice: 9 dollars.
  • A one-shot for a fandom of which I am familiar, up to 2000 words: 30 dollars.
  • A continuation chapter of one of my unfinished works, both on here and on AO3: 45 dollars.

To negotiate a commission, contact me with the message 'Fanfic Commission' and your request. If I accept, I will require payment up front and put you in one of the commission slots. I reserve the right to reject any requests for fandoms I am unfamiliar with and/or requests for adult material. Nonpony fandom fics will be located on my AO3 account.

Payment is in USD and can be sent either via Ko-Fi or by Paypal (link to be given upon acceptance of commission). Commission slots will not be reopened until all current commissions have been completed. Commission slots, when opened, will be available on a first come first serve basis, and their opening will be announced via blog.

Comission Slots:

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Thanks for all the faves! Lemme know what you liked about them sometime! :twilightsmile:

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Remember, what happens in the Omegaverse, stays in the Omegaverse!

[Adult story embed hidden]

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You must be the pride of [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]!

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I normally have some sort of cute or funny achievement to give people for one of my works. Having experienced the worst depression I've ever been through coupled with a string of anxiety attacks while also experiencing homelessness, I can confirm that depression to the point of suicidal inclinations is no joke. I am literally only alive today because of my girlfriend choosing to be with me and keeping my depression from spiraling into suicide. I'm glad you're enjoying my story, please spread the word to everyone you know that depression is a real problem and there are resources if someone finds themselves in that particular place emotionally.

TMy Empire of Dirt
Sunset Shimmer has been defeated at the Fall Formal, but something has gone drastically wrong and Principal Celestia must play magic detective to rescue Sunset from the fallout.
PrincessColumbia · 86k words  ·  276  10 · 5.7k views

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If Sunset Shimmer took a phone from her alternate universe self, would it technically be stealing, and would a duck-face selfie still be in poor taste?

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