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Just an average insane brony, doing average insane things. Do check out my patreon page!

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The Infinite Loops

The multiverse is broken, and the gods have set all realities into a series of infinite time loops while they fix things. Here are a few records that I have contributed to.

The Skullgirls Encore Loops



Do not post on my userpage to thank me for faves.


Seriously, earning my respect does not deserve a thank you. You earned your respect on your own merits, STOP MAKING ME A GOD.


This is venting, skip if you like. · 12:45am Last Thursday

My stupid brain isn't focusing on what it needs to focus on.

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After the ruination of Equestria....

In the cursed homeland of the dragons....

Gathered by fate, luck, or just bad timing....

A group of brave adventurers seek treasure, truth, and triumph!

Yeah... they're probably going to screw everything up.

Fallout is Dragons: a podcast Skype Roleplay with a quirky cast of characters.

Fallout is Dragons streams on Newbiespud's Hitbox on sundays, generally at 9:00 PM CST. Check out the Dragon Mawlers Inc. tumblr for news and fanart!

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Thanks for the fave! :D

>"Masterweaver is watching you"

Oh. Oh! :rainbowderp:

Thank you for the honors! :pinkiehappy:

The watching is mutual. :twilightsmile:

If you really want to thank people for comments/faves/etc. there is a direct messaging system.

I see your point. Do you have a better idea that would be more constructive?

My primary issue with the practice is when it results in the comments on my page being full of nothing but "thanks for the fave/follow".

  • Viewing 346 - 350 of 350
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