This group's purpose is to serve as a gathering place or 'hub' for any Pony POV Series recursive works on that have been written by other authors, including those that have been recognized as canon or alternate timelines.

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You know, I wonder why nopony made a recursive fanfiction over Gaia's world.

I'd write it myself, but I feel I couldn't do it justice, nor be able to finish it.


Seems to function as an alternate universe.

Comment posted by Persona22 deleted Jun 30th, 2014

Would you be interested in seeing any of my Shadow Wars work in here, presumably under "Noncanon?" I hesitate because as you know, I've been inspired by your work but am not hewing strictly to its concepts.


"Step right up! Step right up!"


I guess as long as the ponies don't just think that the children are merely playing around but are serious then nothing can go wr...

I really should not complete that sentence. Now that I have avoided the curse of irony nothing can go wro... I should just let them have their fun while they have the chance.


Pinkie Pie, "Oh you worry too much! The filles' games sure cause confusion and trouble, but they never actually cause anything dangerous to happen. Besides, this way the ponies are CHOOSING to be that way."

As long as the CMC know nothing about this potion we are safe.

“Cutie Mark Fountain Of Youth Caretakers!!!”

Well, the world is doomed. Again.


Pinkie Pie, "YEP! Fluttershy also invented this new formula she says she made with Zecora's help that'll make you a foal for twenty-four hours."


Is there anything you don't have? Hey, do I see free rainbow samples from the rainbow factory over there?


"Thanks, got some berries from Cheerilee's garden."


It may be large and well developed but the viewership is still small compared to the other fan universes out there. Think Warhammer 40000 compared to Star Wars. That's why it's still relatively unknown.

Hmmm. The cupcakes are good. Thanks Pinkie.

Well, anyway in case you are interested I had posted a thread about what are YOUR favourite moments in the Pony POV Series.

So much did happen but what did you like the best?




It wasn't by choice.


Uh. If you want to. :-)

Well, great oaks from little acorns grow. Everything starts small.
As for the why, I think it's because Alex has a good eye for interpolation and constructing a sensible world (good worldbuilding), and also because he isn't afraid to have epic plot arcs.


Let me rephrase that. How is it that from such humble beginnings, The POV series not only got really long, but got Art, and at least 15 stories in the multiverse?

It's gotten to the point of becoming one of the biggest fanfiction universes eva!

And despite all this, why is this fic so unknown in the grand scheme of things?

It is hardly "itty bitty"... have you seen the wordcount?

Unless you mean "Discorded Ponies". That IS small in comparison.

How is it that such an itty bitty fanfiction has created such a ginormous universe?:applejackconfused:

It's mind boggling:twilightoops:

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