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Oh. Really and Sure. We need all the help we get. For both SonicStreak5344 and me giving all the help get it an crossover of mlp with sonic with. Nfs. Hot pursuit remastered. With Rivals and Others as well too
And others that we add like spyro hot wheels and others in this. Story. As well too.



Well my Friend SonicStreak5344 is doing the Crossover story. I'm helping him with the chapters for it. And. I'm helping out with chapter 4 and 5. Of the chapters. And we need to find more Authors or Writers. With the all the others Chapters. .


heya, I heard your gonna be making a crossover between Sonic and My little pony. I'm also doing something similar but it's not gonna be a fanfiction. It's gonna be a series on YouTube, I just need people to help me finish with the details and to help animate and edit. and of course voice acting. So maybe we could help each other out?

thanks for the good story

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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