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Are you tired of searching the site for those rare Youtube crossovers? Look no further! Here you will be able to find some of your favorite Youtubers interact with the colorful Equines of Equestria!

Adding a story to folders is quite simple. If your story futures SkyDoesMinecraft. then it will go into the folder for sky. If your story futures a youtube group such as the Creatures, it will go into the folder for the Creatures. Then place the futured group members into the corresponding sub-folders. (Soon to be added)

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Hey, my little sister has recently started her own Youtube channel. She works pretty hard on it, and does videos for MLP and other cartoons and video games.

Please give it a look if you have time :) It would mean the world to her.

Folders that need to happen: PBG, JonTron, and GameGrumps.

357676 then you're painted into a corner.
see what's hidden in windows? :pinkiegasp:
best of luck, then !!

357672 I don't think I have the program, and it's my parents' computer anyways.

357669 Maybe I could have 'Seen' it, if I had the 'Original' to compare with?
Not sure, but it is Your interpretation of it, after all.

if it was on a screen, why not use the computers capability to cap the show?

then you'd automatically have image and sound yncronised at once too?

Or you did not know how to, or have the Program to do it?

357661 it's supposed to be a remix of First of the Year. And yes, I used a hand held camera

357649 did you record this with a Hand-Held cam? it feels more chaky then it should.

Other then that, not sure.
Gotta start somewhere.
Just curious, what is it a reMix of?

357647 oh, I almost forgot. Here ya go!

A remix I made

357645 just writing the scrips as a story?
Talking ponies would have been great .
now I need that Pink Mare ..

357643 well, if talking ponies were real, we could film it and do a livestream. But I wasn't really planning on filming stuff...

357642 sounds like 'third pony', or Narrative there. some readers prefer it this way. I'm just mainly writing in 'first Pony perspective', even if I can slip narrative stance where things Happen too.

A video perspective, for a clip could be fun too. You just need to make it into something of a film now. with spoken voices?

Ah yeah, no fun without the Ponies?

how much filming wil there be to this?

I was offered a Dramatic Read' on finished stories, but this would only come at her earliest convenience ..

357639 well, it's a story that is told in the video's POV mainly. So I had the idea to start a livestream chapter, which is basically like the rest of the chapters, but actually having the ponies there.

357564 I know that feeling only too well.
I'd need to know a bunch about both story and chapter, aside from characters, scenery and the likes to help?

Live-stream(scream) chapters? :yay:

I commonly need some imput on my stories .. :pinkiegasp:

357559 oh, also I could use some help with a chapter. I was hoping to form a collab for this chapter and any future 'livestream' chapters.

357557 I guess I could look into it, when I'm looking for a new story to read. :pinkiesmile:

Just finished a chapter of a story I'm currently working on. it's for a new vers I kind of invented. (Chrysalis takes Manehattan)
I posted it in a group, once I managed to complete the first chapter.(1,024 words)

only the latest chapter is much longer. should be enough for most .. :pinkiegasp:

357555 well, the story is in the 'Other' folder if you'd like to know a little more.

357554 Interesting, for such a grey image .. :yay:
I may use grey from time to time, but not this much.
I like the rainbow brightness of ponies.


oh well, I do have several nice once to play around with.
Every type of pony, but mainly Mares or fillies.

357551 unicorn stallion, grayish blue fur, light blue mane and tail with a dark gray streak running down the middle, light purple eyes, body built like Twilight's, his mane style is basically a few spikes of hair falling to the sides. His cutie mark is a gray heart with a black heart behind it to the left, and a white heart in front of it to the right, like planets orbitting the sun.

357550 no? :coolphoto:
he or she? :heart:
what's the type of Pony, then? :derpytongue2:

357535 actually, this is a temporary picture. My self insert is not a changeling.

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